WWE Total Divas Recap: Natalya Has A Hurt Nose, Nikki Suspects John Is Cheating, More

WWE Total Divas Recap: Natalya Has A Hurt Nose, Nikki Suspects John Is Cheating, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
This week's episode opens with Ariana, the Bellas, and Natalya meeting for lunch. Nikki shows off some shoes that John bought her. Brie points out that Natalya has a nosebleed. She brings up how Summer slapped her and she feels like her nose has been different since it happened. Natalya says she hasn't had a chance to confront Summer about it.

Then, the Bellas are shown eating with Tamina Snuka and Eva Marie. Nikki brings up that she got her real estate license. She did it to further herself and her career. Nikki says that she already has a few firms looking at her, and she wants to buy John a Lamborghini for his 40th birthday.

Next, Mark is shown with Natalya. He tells her they want her to wrestle for the Divas Championship at TLC. She is really excited, and leaves to go tell TJ. Then, footage is shown from RAW. The Funkadactyls face off against AJ Lee and Tamina. Naomi won the match by pinning AJ.

The show heads to San Diego. Nikki is getting ready to show a home to potential buyers. She calls John and tells him that she is very nervous. They talk for a few moments, and then Nikki shows the house to the people.

Things head to Tampa, and Trinity is in dance rehearsal for a single she wrote. She is excited to make a music video. John Cena is then shown visiting Nikki at her condo in San Diego. He gets a phone call and gets up and leaves in the middle of her talking. She thinks it was very rude of him.

Stuff heads back to Tampa. Trinity is at Sandra's house because she is making the costumes for her music video. She wants rhinestones covering the whole cat suit and says she will just do it herself. Sandra tells her she won't be able to get it all done in one night. She leaves as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and things are in San Diego. Nikki comes into her condo, and John is waiting. She bought some new outfits to show off homes in. She goes to try them on for John, and he is on the computer while she shows him. Nikki puts on an outfit with an open front revealing lots of cleavage, and he barely acknowledges it.

The show heads back to Jon and Trinity. Her two uncles are with them to help them put all the rhinestones on her costume. She gets very frustrated at how long it is taking.

Then, Natalya is shown getting x-rays on her nose. The doctor tells her and TJ that she is going to need invasive surgery. She is upset because she doesn't want to miss TLC. The doctor says it could take up to six months to recover.

Trinity is shown getting her hair and makeup done for her music video. Sandra comes into their apartment, and Trinity shows her the completed cat suit. They all head over to the music video shoot, and footage is shown of the filming. The costume starts falling apart while she is dancing and Sandra tries to fix it. The director starts filming more stuff, and her hair extensions fall out.

Then the director is talking to Trinity outside about how he is stressed out because of how behind they are. The cops show up and question them over permits as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and things are still with Trinity. She wants to finish the filming so she doesn't let anyone down.

Then, the divas and wrestlers are taking pictures with the NOH8 campaign. John Cena isn't there, and Nikki doesn't know where he is. She tells Trinity about it, and then Eva tells her about a guy she dated that did the same thing. He ended up cheating on her. Nikki starts thinking about it, and it's freaking her out. Trinity mentions that she doesn't think John would cheat on her.

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