WWE Total Divas Recap: Natalya Has A Hurt Nose, Nikki Suspects John Is Cheating, More

The show heads to RAW, and everyone is shown getting ready backstage. Natalya is excited about TLC, which is only one week away. Summer Rae walks up to her, and Natalya talks about how they have a match together. Natalya tells her stay away from her face for safety reason, and Summer leaves. Footage is shown from their match, and at one point Summer hits a spinning heel kick and chokes her with her boot in the corner. Natalya is angry because she asked Summer to stay away from her face.

After the match, Natalya goes to the back and is so upset she is crying. Ariane and Nikki talk to her and ask what's wrong as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Natalya is still backstage with Nikki and Ariane. Natalya's nose is crooked. She asks them not to tell anyone. She has to reconsider everything and might not be able to have the match at TLC.

The show heads back to San Diego. Nikki heads into her apartment, and John is doing workout stuff on the floor. He says he is going to go to the gym. Nikki offers to go with, but he says no. John leaves and Nikki suspects he is seeing someone else.

Nikki calls Brie to go with her and check the gym to see if John is really there. She goes to pick her up and they drive off. They argue about what a Bon Bon is. Then, they go to the gym, and can't find his car anywhere. She calls John, and he says he is at the gym. Nikki hangs up the phone and starts crying. She doesn't know what to do. Brie says maybe there is an explanation. She tells Nikki to confront him, and Nikki says she is going to have him pack his stuff and leave when he gets home.

Back from commercial and Nikki is waiting in her place for John. She says that John has never hidden anything from her. There is something going on, and she wants to find out. John shows up. She asks where he was, and he says the gym. She tells him that she knows he wasn't at the gym. She says that she thinks he is seeing someone else. John calls her a hypocrite, and Nikki says that he damaged that. She says she thinks that he is cheating on her. Nikki says that she has to get ready for work and leaves.

The show heads to Orlando. Natalya is in her car with TJ. She doesn't know what to do about TLC and feels like everything is in limbo. TJ wants her to get her nose fixed now so that it doesn't cause worse damage later. TJ doesn't want to see her in pain, even if she is taken off the storylines. He says that it's bigger than that. It's her health. Natalya says that he gut is telling her to compete and that opportunities don't come around that often.

Things head back to San Diego. Nikki is getting ready to show a house to someone. John Cena shows up at the house and says he has to tell her something. He confesses that he didn't go to the gym and that he did go to see another woman.

Back from commercial and John is talking to Nikki still. He reveals that the woman he saw was an escrow agent and that he decided to buy the place she was getting ready to show. He wanted to buy the house and move to California for her.

Stuff heads to Brie and Trinity. They walk up to Jon and Brodus Clay. They want to hear the song that she wrote. Brodus listens to it and he says that it's really good. Brie listens to it. Nikki walks up and listens to it too. Brodus tells her to send the song to him and he will give it to Snoop Dogg.

Then, things are at TLC. Natalya talks to TJ before the match backstage. She is very nervous about her nose and hopes she made the right decision. She is grateful to have the match and says that it means so much to her. She wants to take care of herself, but she has to move forward.

Footage from the title match is shown as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and more footage from the match is shown. TJ, Eva Marie and the Bellas are watching the match backstage. After the match, she heads backstage, and they all congratulate her. Natalya says the match was worth risking her nose as the show ends.

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