WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum recently hosted a "Ultimate Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior." Over a dozen performers that had in some capacity worked with the Warrior joined the program to pay tribute, which you can watch here. Here are some highlights from DDP:

His Nancy Grace appearance:

"I almost got up and walked away, but if I would've done that how would that look for wrestling? I was just like, 'Nancy, he hasn't wrestled in eighteen years, what are you talking about?'"

Warrior's first day in WCW:

"On his first day in WCW, when he came to the arena, at some point, he had someone grab me and Goldberg and brought us to meet him. He wanted to meet us. So, we go over to his locker room, and he gives us a big hug and he says, 'guys, I just want you to know, I've been watching and I'm loving your energy and you two guys are the reason why I want to get back in the ring.' So, for me, I don't know about Bill, but for me, that's a pretty big deal. That was pretty cool.

"If you followed all the way through, when I was the driver (at WrestleMania 6), Diamond Dallas Page, chauffeur, I hadn't even made it to WCW as a manager yet. I'm there when he is going for the World title against Hogan, and then the match that he ends up going against Hogan again at Halloween Havoc, I'm going for the World title against Goldberg, it was pretty crazy."

Running into Warrior last year:

"I saw Jim again, last year at WrestleCon, and he just started talking about me doing God's work with Jake [Roberts] and Scott [Hall]. He talked about it for a while, it was very cool. So, then his induction speech, my God, when he slid in DDP Yoga, I was sitting with Kimberly - my ex wife - and my girlfriend. And he said it like three or four times. Jim ain't doing that unless he is busting your chops. It just made me feel so good. I was actually bummed out because I couldn't find him after, I was looking for him, and I actually got his number, and I was going to call him yesterday and thank him for doing that! But I never got the opportunity to do that. So, that memory will stay with me for a while."

WWE paying tribute to The Ultimate Warrior:

"As hard as it it is on the family and his poor little girls, at least their dad, whatever the hurt and the pain was with WWE, at least pain was, with the WWE, at least he got to go out the way he should go out. Because when he said that last DVD was wrong, he is right, I couldn't even watch it. When you get the reaction he got eighteen years later, for him to have that kind of impact on people, WWE did the right thing. I'm just glad that if the Warrior was going to be taken to the next level, whatever that is, that his time here, that things I won't say mixed, but were justified. He will be remembered fondly, as he should be."

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