More Industry Stars And Legends Remember The Ultimate Warrior

J.J. Dillon: "There are outsiders often who look and who are critical of people, who aren't maybe the best technicians in the ring. They seem to be critical of them as though that's the most important thing, and I am not in judgement of how great he was in the ring in the course of a match, but I can tell you, that when the music hit and he came through that curtain like a freight train, huffing and puffing, and running to the ring, and shaking the ropes, he electrified a crowd. It wasn't like it was a phenomenon that lasted just one or two times, like a lot of things in life that are successful, there is a test of time involved and he consistently really was a superstar in our profession. At the end of the day, you have to look at what he accomplished and what he meant to the business and I for one know the feeling of someone who loved the business, who was grateful for how kind the business was to me and then to receive the acknowledgement of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It really is very, very gratifying, and I know it had to be for Warrior at this stage with all that has happened.

"I went to bed, not knowing the news, and traditionally, when I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on my computer and I saw it just full screen, the Ultimate Warrior has died. I gasped, I'm sitting there alone, just collecting my thoughts, and I see fifty four years old. It causes you to think about your own mortality, if only for that instant. I guess you have to look at the positive side, which is what I try to do, in that he had the same experience I had in that he went to the Hall of Fame ceremony, got the approval of everybody in the business. He got the chance to meet one on one with people who he may have had issues from in the past and as they say, the hatchet was buried with a lot of these people, including Vince McMahon and the WWE. Then the next day, to be introduced at WrestleMania, the event itself, and he got an individual introduction and came out and again, the response from the crowd.

"Again, I watched Monday, when he came out on Raw and I had not seen him in seven years. I went to one of these small wrestling conventions in New Jersey. I hadn't seen him in a while and there was just a line of people out the door, to see him and have that moment with him. I didn't want to leave without stopping by and saying hello to him, because he was somebody who I did respect and did admire. He saw me and as always was very gracious. He paused everything for a moment and had me come around the table and gave me a big hug. We had a limited few seconds together to say hello. I am happy for that moment and it's hard to believe seven years have passed. I saw him when he walked out on Raw. It's good that he had a chance to get in front of a live audience and say what was in his heart and much the way I feel is that the final comment that he made. He pointed out in all directions of the audience and thanked the fans because basically without them, there would've been no Warrior. So it was good that he gets the recognition to be in the Hall of Fame, he had a chance to put to rest a lot of feelings that maybe festered for a long time that shouldn't have still been there. he got the chance to get in front of the people and say thank you and then the next day, I just really feel sad for his widow and his two daughters that walked out with him when he was introduced. It's just hard to put into words, it is just very, very sad."

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