There is no doubt that Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) made an impact and an indelible mark in pro wrestling history. Not only did it create a completely different alternative to the larger-than-life, character-focused wrestling that WWE and WCW displayed, but it exhibited an impressive list of superstars that became world champions in the WWE. Namely, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, to name of few.

ECW as we remember saw its demise in 2001. After WWE purchased rights to the company shortly after its bankruptcy, a number of superstars such as Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Raven and Tazz had successful midcard careers, as well as a number of other alumni. In 2005, WWE commenced a pay per view series to give homage to the ECW brand, named One Night Stand. Based on its success, One Night Stand had three more events under that name, before evolving into Extreme Rules.

The brand that Paul Heyman built was in a league of its own. Granted, indy promotions such as CZW are known for its hardcore style, but Heyman was able to acquire stars such as Steve Austin and Mick Foley to create a major spark to the promotion and separate it from the rest of its kind. It was truly a much-needed third addition to the "Big Two" promotions of WWE and WCW in the mid-1990s, and created memories that will never be forgotten.

Yes, WWE tried to revamp it, but pulled the plug in 2010 after nearly completely reinventing the brand. Stars such as Christian, William Regal, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry, Goldust, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy - among others - successfully used it as a launchpad to catapult or revive their career. However, the ECW logo attached to the show still garnered a different set of expectations.

Which poses the question: Would the old ECW still fare well today? Sound off below.

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