TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Angle Returns, Willow Wins, And EY Retains His Title

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Angle Returns, Willow Wins, And EY Retains His Title

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Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party.  We will be
providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can
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We start off with a preview video of Eric Young winning the World Heavyweight Championship last week. The live portion of the show starts with EY heading to the ring with his TNA Championship Belt.

Great ovation for the new champ.

This belt represents a lifetime of hard work are EY's first words. Says he won the belt for him but will be a champion for the fans. Time for paper champion is over. We are gonna have fun and we are gonna do it the right way. This is going to be a party were just some of the remarks EY shared before Dixie's music interrupts.

Dixie says that there is only one person responsible for EY being champ. HER!!!

She then grabs his beard and says she is responsible for his beard and then gets in a dig about beards being her intellectual property - a clear reference to Daniel Bryan.

EY isn't having any of Dixie's remarks and has some good one liners to include telling her that he will do what he always does to crap - flush it.

Dixie tells EY that he will honor and obey her. To that, EY says there's no way he will be her paper champion. Dixie retorts with that she will give him a makeover.

Out comes Bully Ray and tell Dixie that he's out the take out the trash - Dixie. Bully says that EY is a role model for working his way up from the bottom all the way up to World Heavyweight Champion.

Bully threatens to put Dixie through a table and starts the NA NA NA NA Hey hey hey good bye chant with the crowd.

Dixie leaves and Bully gives a nice endorsement of EY and starts an EY chant.

Up next - Knockout Street Fight.

First out and accompanied by Angelina Love, it's Velvet Sky.

Next out is the Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne in a Knockout Street Fight

As Velvet is waiting to ambush Madison with a kendo stick, Madison surprises the Beautiful People from the side. Angelina stays at ringside which makes it almost like a handicapped match since it's no DQ.

Angelina gives Velvet a trash can, but Madison ducks it and kicks it into Velvet's mid section. The champ then proceeds to wear out Velvet with the trash can until Angelina hits Madison with the kendo stick.

After hitting a huge spear on Velvet, Madison gets the 1-2-3. Kind of a quick ending for what was a good match while it lasted.

Winner of the match - Madison Rayne

Bully Ray and EY in the back talking when up walks Abyss and challenges EY to a title match tonight. EY says if they are going to do it they are going to do it right - MONSTER'S BALL!

Back from the break, it's EC3 and Rockstar Spud in the back with a goofy segment.

Then to the ring, it's MVP who starts out with a shout out to Eric Young for winning the title last week. He then turns his attention to Samoa Joe and talks about Joe being disgruntled. MVP says talk to me Joe, when Austin Aries music hits.

Aries says talk about a disgruntled employee, and lets MVP know he's been sitting on the sidelines since Lockdown. Aries discusses his version of motivate, validate and participate and says he wants some answers from MVP.

MVP says that he put Aries on the sideline because Aries turned him down on MVP's invitation to be on Team MVP at Lockdown.

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