Ted Dibiase Jr. Talks Leaving WWE And If He'd Return, His New Documentary, Part Timers At 'Mania

I think the decision to put the Million Dollar belt on me was terrible. I wasn't crazy about that idea. And there was really no story or direction or goal going forward with that. It just didn't work. But, that wasn't me. It seems natural because of my dad, but that's not who I am. The best characters are extension of ourselves. If you figure out who you are and amplify that. So, that's why I started doing that DiBiase Posse thing. I was trying things. Even tailgating with the fans before the show, because that's who I am. I live in Mississippi. I love SEC football and I'm big into hunting and fishing. I'm a good ol' boy when it comes down to it. So I was really trying to find myself. I felt like I was really starting to figure some stuff out and that just weren't really getting behind it. So, it's probably not their fault. They've got a million things going on.

For me, it was just tough. It's hard because I couldn't give them what they wanted. So, I started really started questioning, is it over? Or, should I just take a break? It became where it wasn't worth it for me to be on the road away from my family that long and be unhappy while I'm on the road. So I was miserable on the road because I wasn't participating and I felt like I wasn't contributing. I was doing house shows and was helping other guys, which is fine. I'm a team player. But I wasn't part of the show. I wasn't on TV at all. It was tough going from working with Shawn and Triple H and the deal with Legacy, which I thought was super successful. And then it was like, nothing. Then that started to eat at me and that's when the questions started to really arise and I started praying, "God do you want me here?" I felt like I needed to do something else because I'm kinda wasting my time.

Again, that door is not closed. I do love wrestling, and I love the fans and it's a part of our legacy. So, if it's just a break, or it may present itself again. But until then, I'm gonna pursue other things and give it my all. It's hard. I tell people a lot, it's hard when somebody has got the power of the pen and can really determine how successful you can be. And that really bugs me because I was working hard, going above and beyond and somebody with a pen and is writing the script is really determining how successful I'm going to be. I don't really like that. So now I'm doing things that I'm being rewarded for based on how hard I'm working, and that's rewarding for me. And I'm at home with my son at the same time. Unless that can change, I'm pretty happy where I'm at.

Wrestling INC: You talked about the ideas you pitched. They have the full-time writers. It seems like that's their job to come up with stuff or take your ideas and extend it or do something with it. It's just always interesting to hear where you see a lot of talented guys and a lot of talent not being given anything or not being used to their potential, and there's really nowhere else to go.

Dibiase: No, there's not. It's the only show. It's definitely the only show. It is the only place you wanna be unless you're one or two of the other guys at the other show that have good contracts, but it is what it is.

Wrestling INC: I believe we first saw the trailer for The Price of Fame this past November, right?

Dibiase: Yeah. My buddy Pete [Ferriero] put the trailer up on his Facebook page. It wasn't even me. I didn't even send it out right at first, it was just him and it generated quite a bit of buzz. I think we had like 60 or 70 thousand views in two days. And, that was just off of his Facebook. I had tweeted it out that we got a call from a film festival in Maine and Free Mantle media who does American Idol and America's Got Talent. They had seen it and they called and we had a couple conversations with them. They were asking about if we were interested in doing a reality show. I was like, "I don't know." None of those things are out of the question. Yeah, it generated buzz and we kept working on this thing. It does cost money. There is a lot of traveling and there is a lot of license fees and you got to build websites and do editing and sound. A lot goes into it. A lot more that you don't realize. That's why we started the kickstarter campaign.

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