As noted earlier, Paul Heyman appeared on The Steve Austin Show this week. The episode was taped a couple of days before WrestleMania, so The Undertaker's streak was still intact when it was recorded. During the interview, Austin and Heyman talked about Brock Lesnar and what an amazing athlete that he is.

Austin admitted that he was a big Lesnar fan, and said that he doesn't think that Lesnar has "scratched the surface yet." They spoke about Lesnar attending training camp for the Minnesota Vikings, and Heyman noted that Lesnar did the entire camp with a broken jaw and a broken pelvis from a motorcycle accident, and he was still the last one cut. Lesnar's UFC career was brought up, and Austin wondered how Lesnar's UFC run would have ended up had he not suffered from diverticulitis. They both then admitted that we haven't seen the best of Lesnar yet.

Heyman brought up seeing Austin at UFC 116 in 2010, when Lesnar defended the UFC Heavyweight Championship against Shane Carwin. Heyman said that the one guy that he could see Austin returning to wrestle would be Lesnar, and that Lesnar would be the guy that could push him physically to have the type of performance that fans would expect of him. Heyman admitted that he is saying that selfishly knowing that at some point in the program, he would be eating a stunner and then have beer poured over him. Austin then stopped the recorder, and when he came back, he admitted, "that would be something that I would be interested in entertaining." Heyman then joked that he just sold the podcast, and gave the great headline, "Austin admits he's tempted by Lesnar."

Austin was actually once scheduled to face Brock Lesnar on RAW back in 2002. Austin was asked to do the job, which he felt wasn't right at the time. WWE insisted that he do the job, which didn't make business sense, which forced Austin to quit, a decision he later admitted to being one of his worst.

"I remember one time I was wrestling down in Columbus, Georgia," Austin said on Jay Mohr's podcast last year. "I was working with Ric Flair in a cage, and I got a call from Jim Ross. They were dropping the creative on me. They wanted me to do the favors for Brock Lesnar in Atlanta... So Jim Ross had called to give me the down low on what was going to happen. I said, 'well, really?' I'm running up and down the road trying to sell these buildings out. We're kicking ass. When you got a number one cat, you keep throwing the gas on him. You don't fiddlef*** around with him. You keep the hammer down. I said, 'man, it ain't good business. I'll be happy to lay down on anybody if we're going to do the buildup and we're going to get paid for this thing and do a big number, but we had not done this.' It was just going to be a Monday Night RAW, a match out of the blue. I said, 'well, if that's going to be the case I won't be there. Well, I'm just telling you what's happening, you might want to call Vince.'

"So sure enough, I get a couple messages that I need to call Vince," Austin continued. "So I called him. Vince gave me the same scenario. It was like two in the morning. We got RAW the next day. I said, 'so that's what we're doing?' He says, 'yep.' I said, 'okay.' See, I see the way you're looking at me right now, the way I said okay. It means okay, it ain't okay. But when I say okay to him, he just heard me say okay. My okay mean like ha, that's bulls***. My okay means I ain't going to be there. So that's when I took my ball and hauled ass back to Texas and said hey, piss on it. I quit."

You can read more of Austin on Mohr's show, including a story on meeting with Vince McMahon after he quit, at this link. You can listen to Heyman on Austin's podcast below:

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