- CM Punk appears at the end of the trailer for the second season of Maron on IFC, which you can watch above. If the video doesn't work, you can watch it at this link. The show's star, Marc Maron, had Punk as his guest on his podcast awhile back, which you can listen to here.

- Dr. Laura spoke about The Ultimate Warrior's passing on her show yesterday, which you can listen to at this link.

- Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of his website, which you can check out here. During the Q&A, JR was asked how he would book Brock Lesnar, now that Lesnar has ended The Undertaker's streak.

"I am a marketer," JR wrote. "If fans get these Q&A's for free hopefully they will reciprocate by buying some of our family's products online. Lesnar should become untouchable until he passes the invisible torch at WM31 to the next big thing. I'd not beat Lesnar until WM31 and then only if it made sense and someone was ready to assume that role."

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