Kurt Angle appeared on TSN 1290 yesterday to promote his signing earlier today in Winnipeg, Canada. Here are some highlights (thanks to Vinny of Top Of The Line Talent Bookings).

- Angle admitted that it was difficult to make the transition from real wrestling to sports entertainment. Angle credited Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin and Undertaker for helping him early in his career to learn ring psychology. He said that you don't know how tough pro wrestling is until you get into it.

- He feels "really good" right now, and said that he's not looking to retire anytime soon.

- He called going to TNA in 2006 "an adjustment," and admitted that it wasn't WWE "by any means." He said that TNA is a great company that treats him really well.

- He's surprised they TNA doesn't go to Canada more often since there are so many great fans in the country.

- Angle talked about his character becoming a goofball in WWE. He said that you don't know what you can do in the business until you try, and that he didn't know that he would be so good at it.

- He said that he had a blast working with Steve Austin, and that chemistry with wrestlers like that can be hard to duplicate. He savors those moments.

- He said that he's happy in TNA, and his contract is up in September. He's not sure what he'll do next, and said it's wide open as to whether he'll stay or go back to WWE. He noted that it's a tough time because TNA has been great to him, but he's always wanted to retire in WWE. He'll decide by December, and wherever he ends up is where he will likely be retiring.

- He finished the interview by stating that he plans to wrestle for "at least" five more years and that he doesn't want to retire now. He sees great athletes in WWE and TNA that he hasn't wrestled yet, but says that he will and it's "going to happen one way or the other."

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