As you've probably heard by now, Kevin Nash went on a Twitter tirade last night over Roddy Piper's recent comments about a backstage incident in WCW in 1997 when Nash barged in Piper's dressing room. Piper said that he leg dove Nash and threw him out of the room.

Nash gave his side of the story and said that he "b---h slapped" Piper.

"Your a b---h and a liar," Nash tweeted. "I had respect for you but no more.i smacked your b---h ass to the grown.Never come around me c--t"

Nash also challenged Piper to have him on his podcast. Piper accepted Nash's proposal this afternoon, tweeting, "Don't degrade your status with such language! There's kids on here! Have some class! Your welcome on my Pod-Cast! Hot Rod"

Nash replied, "set it up .Follow me we'll exchange numbers . There's a whole lot more for you to worry about on Twitter than bad LANGUAGE.. Don't degade your status with stories of you ever standing up to me.Your the coward.Saw it in you eyes when I smacked you"

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