WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Daniel Bryan Returns, Evolution & The Shield Face Off, More

Winners: El Torito and Los Matadores

- We see footage of Evolution beating up The Shield last week. A limousine pulls into the arena live and out first comes Batista. Triple H is out next followed by Randy Orton. Evolution heads into the arena as we go to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes Evolution to a pop.

There are some boos as Evolution gets ready to speak. Triple H must be suffering from a cold because his voice is very scratchy. He talks about spanking The Shield last week and says that was just the beginning. Orton speaks next and says it was one careless act by The Shield that began their destruction and the return of Evolution. Orton shows us a video package looking at Evolution. Batista says The Shield has no idea what they've gotten themselves into. He says to deal with that. The Shield's music hits and out they come through the crowd to a big pop.

Evolution leaves the ring and backs up the ramp as The Shield hits the ring. Dean Ambrose says last week wasn't the first time they have been beat up and won't be the last. Ambrose asks Triple H if they look humbled to him. Ambrose yells it at Triple H. Ambrose calls Orton a creampuff. Ambrose says The Shield is the most ruthless and dirtiest. He says they are hungry and angry now. Seth Rollins says it took all those guys to beat them down last week. Rollins says they started this and tells Batista they have every idea what they're getting into. Rollins says at Extreme Rules, they will come face to face with the Hounds of Justice and it will be all out war. Rollins says each member of Evolution will be looking out for themselves, not each other. Rollins says they are the most dominant force in WWE and will rip Evolution to pieces. He says their little reunion is going to come to an abrupt halt. Roman Reigns says this week they give Evolution an ultimatum. He says he's going to drop the mic and they're going to come beat Evolution's asses. They have two options - be men and try to fight or be creampuffs and hide. The Shield drops the mic and heads up the ramp but a bunch of heel Superstars come out and stand with Evolution. Triple H says option three. He says in life either you adapt or perish. He tosses the mic and The Shield stares them down.

- We see what happened between Kane and Daniel Bryan earlier. Cole says Bryan has been taken to a local medical facility to be checked out.

- Voting is now open on the WWE App for John Cena's opponent tonight. Back to commercial after an Adam Rose vignette.

The Usos vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Back from the break and we get WWE Network hype. Ryback and Curtis Axel are out for commentary before WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos come out. We see footage of the Naomi and Jimmy Uso wedding on Total Divas. Out next comes Cody Rhodes and Goldust for a non-title match.

Goldust and Jey Uso start things off. Goldust with an atomic drop and some arm drags. Uso comes back with a throw of his own. Goldust and Uso shove each other. They go at it again and Goldust nails a clothesline. Cody tags in with a springboard dropkick and a 2 count. More back and forth. There's some tension between Cody and Goldust as The Usos get the win.

Winners: The Usos

- After the match, Ryback and Axel attack The Usos from behind and beat them down. They toss one of the Usos out of the ring and double team the other. Ryback hits Shellshocked.

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