DDP Talks Memories Of The Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts & Scott Hall In WWE HOF, Being At HOF

Source: Wrestling 365

I was planning on going by, I was looking forward to shaking his hand and meeting him, maybe having some kind of a relationship with him and one of the agents came by and said DDP, you want to meet The Ultimate Warrior and I said absolutely, I'll be down there later, but the agent said that he sort of asked me to come by and grab you and Goldberg and see if you guys would want to meet him and I was like he's requesting US to come by, sure, I'll come with you. I walked down there and gave him a big hug and he talked about how much fun he's had watching us (DDP and Goldberg) and how we made him want to get back in the business.

The main event that they would be working towards would be Halloween Havoc and this story shows how anything is possible in this world. 10 years later, from working at the Skydome, being a chaufeur and watching Hogan vs. Warrior for the title to watching them 10 years later, but this time I'm going for the World Championship against Goldberg. It took a fan writing me that on Twitter to really put that in perspective and I was like, woah, I never really put that together.

I saw him at WrestleCon last year and we talked for a little bit and he was so blown away by what I was doing with DDP Yoga and Scott and Jake and he said, you're doing God's work man. He's a big God man, I am too, I'm not the big preacher guy, but I'm a big God man. For him to give me the shoutout at the Hall of Fame for him being inducted, not once, not twice, but like 4 times and it was a little tongue-in-cheek funny, but he respected what I was doing. I never got a chance to thank him for that, because that was just so cool of him to do that.

DDP also discussed life growing up as a kid, having dyslexia and A.D.D. at a time when no one knew what they were, his future plans for DDP Yoga and much more. The interview is available in full at this link. Wrestling 365 airs every Sunday night from 6-8 pm Eastern (5-7pm on PPV weekends) at blogtalkradio.com/365Network.

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