In the video above, Michael Cole talks to WWE NXT Women's Champion and Divas Champion Paige. Cole says Triple H missed this week because he's under the weather. Here are some highlights:

* She said she was overwhelmed when she defeated AJ Lee on RAW but says at the same time, she knows she deserves it.

* Her family was watching the RAW live from England early in the morning and they were all excited for her.

* She didn't think she would be in this position at 21 but she doesn't want anyone to underestimate her because of her age.

* The people at NXT welcomed her with open arms and she's ended up becoming one big family with everyone there.

* Paige says she knows she has a target on her back but promises she won't let anyone take the title from her.

* She is confident but a little scared of Tamina Snuka for their match at Extreme Rules. Paige says she's going to go in all guns blazing and will walk out with the title.

* She wants to do all the pay-per-views, WrestleMania and the WWE tours but later on wants to go into the WWE Hall of Fame because she earned it and is respected.

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