Source: PWInsider

- We noted before that Eric Bischoff went on Twitter last week and pretty much denied reports that he was still consulting TNA's creative team and that he had around three months left on his TNA contract. PWInsider sticks to their report that he is still a consultant for TNA and adds that he has just over three months left on his contract, but not much more. It's said that while he is consulting, Bischoff's ideas aren't being incorporated into TNA's product.

- There are people within TNA very happy about the company signing with United Talent Agency. UTA is now representing TNA in pretty much all aspects of the company, including working on a new TV deal for Impact Wrestling in the United States. UTA is confident they can get a deal for Impact, whether it's with Spike TV or not.

- For those wondering, MVP did end up signing a contract with TNA. MVP did debut without a contract and made some appearances without a contract but that's because they were working out issues with the deal.

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