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Kurt Angle in the back saying he faces Rockstar Spud tonight and if somehow Spud gets out of the match that Angle will be looking for EC3.

Video of Eric Young winning the TNA Title and then of his Monster's Ball win over Abyss last week.

When we go live it's Magnus coming to the ring for the first time since losing the TNA Title to EY. He starts out by saying "ladies and gentlmen this is your cha....." and then has to stop before he can finish saying your champion.

Magnus starts in on Abyss and tells Abyss to come to the ring so that he can say what he has to say to his face.

Abyss makes his way to the ring, and Magnus is holding a steel turn buckle in his hand for protection.

Magnus talks about how Abyss is and has been nothing but a big disappointment and letdown. Abyss reminds Magnus that MVP said anyone who came to ringside would be fired. Magnus then says that Abyss worked for him and not MVP or TNA. Magnus then fired Abyss.

Abyss tells Magnus that things were never about the money, but that he wanted to belong. Abyss then says he wants to take on Magnus. Magnus says that Abyss isn't employed and if he does anything to Magnus, that Magnus will press charges against him.

Out comes MVP and offers Abyss a full-time spot on the TNA roster if Abyss wins his match tonight - against............ MAGNUS.

Abyss tells Magnus that he never liked him and that tonight he is going to kick his ass.

Later tonight it will be Storm and Roode vs Bully Ray and Gunner and next it will be Angle vs Spud.

We see EC3 and Spud in the back with EC3 giving Spud a pep talk so to speak. Not really very motivating though.

Out first is the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

And we go to our first break of the night.

Kurt Angle vs Rockstar Spud

Spud comes out with EC3 and is basically being fed to the wolves, as Angle will be looking to make an example out of Spud right in front of EC3. Angle starts a beat down on Spud and then stares down Carter who is outside the ring.

After a missile drop kick from Spud - his only real offense in the match, Angle puts on the Angle lock for a quick tap out by Spud.

Carter clips Angle in his bad knee and starts to work on his PPV foe when Willow's music hits and he makes the save.

Winner of the match by submission: Kurt Angle

The Beautiful People are in the back and say they are going to give Madison Rayne a makeover as we go to our next break.

MVP is on the phone and says that he will be in a match with Austin Aries later tonight. Kenny King is in MVP's office and he starts to bad mouth MVP. MVP tells The King of the Night that he will also have a match later in the show.

Madison Rayne comes to the ring and sarcastically calls out The Beautiful People so that they can give her the makeover that they promised her. Out come The Beautiful People.

After Angelina trashes Madison on the mic, Madison attacks both of her foes, but they are too much for her to handle. Brittany makes the save but she is fought off by Love and Velvet too. The scene ends with Madison Rayne wearing a grocery sack with Angelina's face on it for the makeover that was promised for Madison.

Next up is The King of the Night.

When we come back Gail Kim is in the back and asks Madison to team up with her against The Beautiful People later tonight. Madison accepts and it will be Madison Rayne and Gail Kim vs The Beautiful People.

Out comes Kenny King who is waiting on his mystery opponent. That opponent turns out to be Bobby Lashley.

Kenny King vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley starts strong showing off his outstanding amateur skills from the beginning. Lashley then show some power moves against the new #1 contender to the X Division Title, as King is set to face the winner of the Sanada vs Tigre Uno best 2 out of 3 match series.

After the referee steps in the way and stops of a couple of Lashley offensive moves King then takes control for a short time. However, Lashley's power comes into play as he catches King in mid air and nails King with a massive vertical suplex.

King then bails out of the ring and gets himself counted out.

Winner of the match via count out: Bobby Lashley

Video of Ken Anderson looking for Samuel Shaw and he stops at Shaw's mother's house where she seductively invites him in.

James Storm and Bobby Roode are in the back bickering about the things they've done to each other, but Storm reminds Roode that they were once the best tag team EVER. They realize the have something in common - Roode wants to put Bully through a table and Storm wants to make Gunner's old man cry.

Next up it's MVP vs Austin Aries

The crowd seems split as an Austin Aries - MVP chant starts.

Both stars take turns in control inside the ring and then they take turns in control on the outside as well, until MVP tweaks his knee when Aries then takes over the match. Several near falls follow for Aries as he nearly pins the Director of Operations.

MVP nails a huge clothesline on Aries for a near fall of his own and he takes control.

Both competitors show great physicality as acknowledged by the announce team with each wrestler scoring near falls on the other.

MVP moves out of the way of a 450 splash and nails Aries in the head with a boot to get the pin.

Winner of the match by pinfall: MVP

Sanada video is next where he talks about the pressure from The Great Muta and doing well for his country.

We then see Mr. Anderson in the home of Shaw's mother. She tells Anderson that Shaw's bedroom is in the basement and takes Anderson that way.

Out next is "The Cowboy" James Storm and then "The It Factor" Bobby Roode.

Bully Ray and Gunner come out together as we go to break.

Bully Ray and Gunner vs James Storm and Bobby Roode

Bully Ray vs Storm to start the match. Bully takes charge and tags in Gunner. Roode is tagged in Gunner stays in control and he tags in Bully.

Roode and Storm then double team Bully and cut the ring in half and keep Bully away from his corner. Good match building up the Bully Ray vs Roode Table Match and the Gunner vs Storm in an I Quit Match scheduled this Sunday for Sacrifice.

Bully finally gets to Gunner to tag him in and the former Marine takes over on both his opponents. Bully comes in Gunner imitates Devon on a couple of moves. Then Bully says - get the table. However Bully ends up going through the himself.

Storm nails Gunner with a Super Kick that Gunner never saw coming and get the 1-2-3 for the win.

Winners of the match by pinfall: Storm and Roode

We see Mr Anderson heading downstairs at Shaw's mom's house and she closes him in the basement alone - looks like Anderson has been had.

However, back from the break it's Shaw who is in the basement even though his mom said he wasn't home. Shaw and Anderson fight briefly and Anderson says he's getting out of there. Shaw then shows that he is a Creepy Bastard as he hugs his mother and she eerily tells Anderson goodbye.

Out first are The Beautiful People and then it's Gail Kim out next followed by Madison Rayne.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Madison vs Velvet to start. Tenay tells us that Brittany suffered a concussion earlier when she saved Madison from The Beautiful People.

Kim and Rayne are working together very well as a team, and control the match throughout even when The Beautiful People have momentary signs of offense.

Madison nails a spear on Velvet but Angelina sneaks up and rolls up the Knockouts Champion for a fast count pin.

Winners of the match by pinfall: The Beautiful People

Video of Knux saying he has to go back to Impact Wrestling.

Then,we see Abyss in the back talking about redemption.

Video of The Wolves talking about their Tag Team Title that will be a Handicap Match as DJ Z joins the Bro Mans at Sacrifice, and then it's announced that Angle and Willow will take on EC3 and Rockstar Spud also at Sacrifice.

Eric Young comes out to the announce table for the main event.

Abyss vs Magnus

If Abyss wins, he gets a full TNA contract. The match starts and EY is talking about his rematch with Magnus at Sacrifice.

After the final break, we come back with the crowd chanting Over Rated at Magnus. Most of the emphasis is the discussion with EY about his match against Magnus.

Magnus is working on the leg of the Abyss and Abyss is about to turn things around when Magnus hits a blatant low blow right in front of the referee and gets disqualified. Magnus then takes a steel chair to The Monster and then grabs the referee and puts him in the corner.

At that, EY hits the ring to save Hebner but he is nailed with a low blow as well. Magnus then procedes to beat the hell out of the heavyweight champion with the chair and is standing over the champ as we go off the air.

No word on the status of Abyss and how his TNA contract is affected by the DQ.

Winner of the match by DQ: Abyss

To recap:
Kurt Angle wins over Rockstar Spud by submission.

Bobby Lashley defeats Kenny King via count out.

MVP get the victory over Austin Aries by pin fall.

James Storm and Bobby Roode win over Bully Ray and Gunner with Storm pinning Gunner.

The Beautiful People steal a win over Gail Kim and Madison Rayne when Angelina Love rolls up Rayne for a quick count pin after Rayne had nailed Velvet Sky with a spear.

In the Main Event, Abyss wins by DQ over Magnus. Magnus then demolishes both Abyss and then Eric Young with a steel chair.

Tonight was all about building up Sacrifice and they did a solid but not spectacular job of doing that.

Ed Boston co-founder of DTRTWrestling.com here and as always, I enjoyed sharing Impact with you.

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