Source: The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald recently spoke with WWE Diva Summer Rae. Here are some highlights:

Being on a reality TV show:

"I think how people view me on the show is going to change throughout the season. I think that right now I've kind of done some things to rub people the wrong way. I think by the end of the season you are going to see a different side of me. It's definitely something that is a direct reflection in the mirror when you do a reality show. You can see what your flaws are and what you need to work on. I'm definitely seeing it now as episodes are airing. It's a great thing. I'm just very fortunate to be with these wonderful women, sharing my life to the world."

Her relationship with Renee Young:

"I think someone who has helped me the most in the locker room has been one of my closest friends, [WWE interviewer and host] Renee is just really cool. It's good to get a non-wrestling, non-diva perspective on matches. She is very funny, good comic relief. We're kind of buds. I love my Renee Young."

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