Smackdown opens with Vickie Guerrero in the ring to address the Shield. She announces that the Shield will face 11 other wrestlers later in the show. She says it's time for the great debate. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are on one side of her behind a podium, and Cesaro and Paul Heyman are on the other. She gives Colter 90 seconds to give his side of their recent problems. He said he was ambushed by Cesaro and Heyman and calls them fleas.

Cesaro and Heyman are then given 90 seconds. Heyman says that his client Brock Lesnar conquered Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania. Then, Guerrero gives Zeb 60 seconds for his rebuttal. Colter says he doesn't care about Lesnar, and accuses Cesaro of being a different breed of liar. He asks Heyman why he stole Cesaro away.

Heyman says hard questions deserve hard answers, and he is the one behind the 21-1. He says that Cesaro was already a Heyman guy when he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Colter knew that the debate was going to be a sham when he came out. He knocks over the podium and says it's not between Cesaro and Swagger, it's between them and they should settle it like men. Colter shoves Heyman, and they go at each other. Cesaro and Swagger hold them back.

Back from commercial and Cesaro and Swagger are getting ready to fight.

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger attacks Cesaro in the corner. He locks Cesaro in a side headlock. Cesaro comes back with a backbreaker. He uppercuts Swagger in the corner several times. He clotheslines Swagger and goes for a pin. Swagger counters and tosses Cesaro outside. Cesaro gets on the apron, and Swagger hits him off. Swagger goes outside, and Cesaro hits an uppercut. Cesaro tosses Swagger into the barricade. He hits Swagger with an uppercut and a big boot. He tosses Swagger inside.

Cesaro hits a double boot stomp. He locks in Swagger's head. He knees Swagger in the gut and goes for a clothesline, but Swagger ducks. Swagger hits a belly to belly. He clubs Cesaro in the chest. Cesaro comes back with a springboard uppercut and a gut wrench suplex. Swagger comes back with a big back body drop and the Swagger bomb. He strikes Cesaro in the head. Cesaro battles back and they exchange strikes. He boots Swagger in the face and clotheslines him outside.

Back from commercial and Cesaro hits Swagger off the top rope. He leaps off and hits Swagger with an uppercut. He charges Swagger, and Swagger puts an elbow up. Swagger goes for another Swagger bomb, but Cesaro puts his boot up. Swagger grabs his boot and goes for the patriot lock. Cesaro fights away, but Swagger plants him on the mat. Swagger tries to follow up, but Cesaro is able to hit a powerbomb.
Cesaro signals for the Cesaro swing. He hits it and follows up with the neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

The Shield's music hits and they come down to the ring. Cesaro and Heyman have left, but Swagger is still in the center of the ring. The Shield enters and Roman Reigns hits the Superman punch. They follow up with the triple powerbomb.

Ambrose picks up the mic and says what's the line Triple H keeps repeating, adapt or perish? Swagger failed to adapt. Reigns takes the mic and says they're just getting started, believe that.

Then, the opening to RAW this week is recapped, and Daniel Bryan is shown being wheeled out on a stretcher.

Back from commercial, and Paige winning the Divas Championship is recapped. Footage from her interview with Michael Cole and her time in NXT is shown.

Then, Tamina Snuka is shown in the ring.

Tamina Snuka vs. Natalya

Natalya locks in a waist lock. She takes Snuka to the mat. Natalya locks in a leg submission, but Snuka gets out. Natalya hits a clothesline. She takes Snuka to the mat again and hits a shoulder takedown. Natalya hits a dropkick that sends Snuka outside. Snuka pulls Natalya outside to the floor. She tosses Natalya back in and goes for a cover. Snuka locks in Natalya's head from behind. Natalya fights free, but Snuka slams her to the mat. She drops a knee on Natalya's back.

Snuka hits a Samoan drop. She pulls Natalya to the corner and goes up top. Snuka goes for a splash, but Natalya moves. Natalya rolls up Snuka for a two count. She kicks Snuka in the legs. Natalya tries to lock in the sharpshooter, but Snuka kicks her away. Natalya hits a discus clothesline. She tries to keep the offense up, but Snuka hits a super kick out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Then, the 11 wrestlers vs. Shield match from RAW is recapped. Next, 3MB is shown backstage talking. The Shield walks up and attacks them. They finish by hitting Slater with the Superman punch.

Back from commercial and Vickie Guerrero is shown in her office on the phone with Triple H. She says she called the Shield into her office, but they didn't show. She is ordered to take the night off and leave Brad Maddox in control.

Curtis Axel (with Ryback) vs. Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso)

They trade strikes. Jey knocks Axel down. He locks in Axel's head from behind. Axel backs him into the corner to break the hold. Axel hits a suplex. He stomps on Jey near the ropes. He drops an elbow on Jey's chest. Jey battles back with head strikes, but Axel hits a kick to the stomach. He rubs his forearm across Jey's face in the corner. Axel lands a backbreaker and steps on Jey. He kicks Jey in the corner several times. Axel goes for a corner splash, but Jey moves and mounts some offense. He kicks out Axel's legs. Jey goes up top, but Ryback distracts him, allowing Axel to slam his head into the turnbuckle a few times. He pulls Jey into the ring and slams him to the mat by his head. Axel lands his finisher for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Back from commercial and the Wyatt Family come out to the ring. They cut a promo about John Cena from inside a steel cage.

Back from commercial and the Wyatt Family is still in the ring. Cody Rhodes and Goldust make their entrance.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Harper and Cody start off. Harper tosses Cody into the corner and charges. Cody puts a boot up and takes out his knee. He hits Harper with a clothesline. Harper is able to tag in Rowan. Rowan tries to attack, but Cody tags in Goldust. Goldust hits strikes to the head. He shoves Rowan headfirst to the mat. Cody tags in. He kicks Rowan in the mid section. Rowan shoves him to the mat. Bray Wyatt picks up the mic and starts talking as they fight.

Harper has tagged in during Bray's speech. He attacks Cody and tags Rowan back in. Rowan knees Cody in the mid section. He torques Cody's head to the side. Cody tries for a crossbody, but Rowan catches him and sets him in the corner. Harper tags in. He does his gator roll and keeps Cody's head locked in. Cody fights free, and Harper hits Goldust off the apron. Cody tries to tag in, but Cody isn't there. Cody hits the disaster kick.

Goldust tags in. He hits Rowan off the apron and takes it to Harper. Rowan tries to get involved. Goldust goes up top and takes them both out with a crossbody. He sends Rowan outside and powerslams Harper. Rowan breaks up the pin, and Cody hits him with a missile dropkick. He sends Rowan from the ring and goes up top. Harper tosses Goldust into Cody, sending Cody into the barricade. Harper hits Goldust with his clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Then, the Shield approach Brad Maddox backstage. He tells them what they're doing isn't okay and that they can't just beat up other wrestlers. They attack him and toss him into the wall. Ambrose leaps over a couch and hits him with a bunch of strikes.

Back from commercial and Emma and Santino Marella make their entrance.

Emma and Santino Marella vs. Fandango and Layla

The Shield approach Fandango during his entrance and attack him. They triple powerbomb him off the stage through a table. An Adam Rose video is shown as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and the events between Daniel Bryan and Kane on RAW are recapped. Then, the Shield makes their entrance.

The Shield vs. Ryback, Bad News Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Titus O'Neil, and Damien Sandow

Ryback and Rollins start off. Ryback kicks him in the stomach and takes him to the mat. He has Rollins's head locked in. Ryback hits a shoulder tackle. Rollins comes back with a dropkick. Reigns tags in. He headbutts Ryback and strikes him in the corner. Ambrose tags in and hits multiple strikes. He locks in Ryback's head. Rollins tags in. He punches Ryback in the head multiple times. Rollins goes up top and leaps off. Ryback catches him and hits a body slam.

Titus tags in. He body slams Rollins and goes for an elbow drop, but Rollins moves. Ambrose tags in. He knees Titus in the stomach and strikes him in the head. Reigns tags in. Reigns lands body shots in the corner and a clothesline. He locks in Titus's head. Ambrose tags in. He kicks Titus in the chest. Titus powers Ambrose to his corner and Barrett tags in.

Barrett goes for a suplex, but Ambrose blocks it and tags in Rollins. They double-team Barrett. The Shield knocks everyone off the apron as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Barrett is in control of Ambrose. He has his head locked in from behind. Ambrose fights out, but Barrett boots him. He chokes Ambrose on the center rope. Del Rio tags in. He snap mares Ambrose and hits a dropkick to the face. Del Rio locks Ambrose's head back in.

Ambrose breaks free, but Del Rio whips him into the corner. Del Rio hits an enziguri. He tosses Ambrose outside. Del Rio sends him back in and tags in Ryback. He body slams Ambrose and hits a splash. He locks in Ambrose's head from behind. Ambrose breaks free, but Ryback spinebusters him. Rollins comes inside to hit the heels off the apron, but Ryback tosses him outside.

Ryback charges Ambrose, but Ambrose moves. Del Rio tries to attack Ambrose, but Ambrose moves and Del Rio flies outside. Reigns and Sandow tag in. Reigns takes it to Sandow. Ryback and Titus try to attack Reigns, and he takes them out too. The Shield ends up sending them out of the ring, and Rollins and Ambrose attack them on the outside. Back in the ring, Reigns signals for the Superman punch on Sandow.

Barrett and Del Rio act like they're going to get in the ring, but they don't and leave up the ramp. Rollins takes out Ryback with a dive. Then, Rollins and Ambrose take out Sandow and Titus with dives. Up the ramp, Reigns hits Del Rio with the Superman punch. The Shield head back to the ring and toss Sandow inside. Ambrose hits Sandow with a dropkick, and Reigns hits a spear for the win.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, Titus and Ryback get speared. They triple powerbomb Ryback to end the show.

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