Source: JR's BBQ

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry:

- WWE should be so lucky as UFC has been with Fox when WWE signs their new, broadcast rights deal in America of which I fully expect to be an enhanced deal with NBC/Universal which will see RAW/Smackdown stay where they currently are. I do think that USA Network and their affiliates can do more to help promote WWE. I'd like to see Smackdown moved to Tuesday and go live. Going live with Smackdown on Friday night isn't financially feasible or schedule friendly for WWE whatsoever.

- I have no desire to return to weekly, pro wrestling announcing any where and especially where announcer's are heavily produced and cannot be themselves. I don't miss the travel or the politics. I also know that @MichaelCole @JCLayfield @Jerry Lawler don't get the credit that they deserve under the philosophy currently utilized for their roles.

- The Streak is dead. It isn't being resurrected. Now the key is how WWE addresses Lesnar's situation going forward and any future plans for Taker including when and where he goes into the WWE HOF. Those that are still in shock simply need to get over it and move forward. I did not like it either but I can see where the Streak ending can create unique opportunities on multiple, creative fronts.

- The video feature that I narrated for @FoxSports1 will air Monday night after their boxing event. It's about the journey that the late, Tommy Morrison's son Trey has embarked upon in pro boxing. The young, Oklahoman is attempting to follow in his dad's footsteps. Many will recall that Tommy Morrison appeared in Rocky 5 and also defeated George Foreman to win the WBO heavyweight Title before lifestyle decisions helped end his career and eventually his life at the age of 44.

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