- JB is backstage with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Ethan says Kurt Angle has beaten legends before but one person he won't beat is EC3. Spud has words for Willow and that's it.

Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III vs. Willow and Kurt Angle

We go to the ring and out first is Rockstar Spud. Ethan Carter III is out next. Kurt Angle is out next followed by Willow.

Angle starts things out with Ethan as the bell rings. Ethan stalls. Angle backs Ethan into the corner and he tags in Spud. Spud hesitates but finally comes in. Angle challenges Ethan to come in and the crowd pops. Ethan finally comes in and they go at it. Angle with leg sweeps and an ankle lock early on. Ethan dives and tags in Spud. Spud and Ethan argue at ringside. Willow leaps off with his umbrella and takes them out. Angle takes control of Ethan and hits a belly to belly suplex on the floor. Angle charges at Ethan but he moves and Angle hits the ring steps. Willow corners Spud but Ethan makes the save and they double team him. Willow fights them both off and takes them down from the top.

More offense from Willow on Spud and a 2 count as Ethan makes the save. Spud works over Willow now. Ethan tags in for more double teaming. Ethan with a 2 count on Willow. Angle is still down on the floor from hitting the steps. Ethan with a big splash on Willow in the corner. Ethan with another 2 count. Ethan blocks a Twist of Fate with the help of Spud. Angle makes it back in the ring and hits a trio of Germans on Ethan. Angle goes for the ankle lock but Spud jumps on his back. Angle rams Spud into the corner and hits a big belly to belly. Angle with another ankle lock on Spud but Ethan takes Angle's knee out. Ethan works on Angle's leg but Willow makes the save. Willow with the takedown and double leg drop. Willow splashes Ethan in the corner and throws Spud into him. Willow jumps off Spud's back and hits Ethan in the floor. More back and forth. The end come when Angle hits an Olympic Slam on Spud. Willow with the senton on Spud for the pin.

Winners: Willow and Kurt Angle

- After the match, Angle and Ethan stare each other down as Spud crawls up the ramp.

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