JB is backstage with Bully Ray for comments on tonight's Tables Match. Ray says he doesn't want to talk, he just wants to fight Bobby Roode. Ray gives props to Roode for being a top wrestler but says this is a fight. Ray says people are begging him to put Roode's Canadian ass through a table. Ray gets a "tables" chant going in the arena. We get a video package for the match.

Tables Match: Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode

We go to the ring and out first comes Bobby Roode. Bully Ray is out next to a pop.

Fans start chanting for tables. Ray and Roode come face to face in the middle of the ring and talk trash. A "s--t factor" chant breaks out. They go at it and Ray takes it to the corner. Ray drops Roode with a big elbow to the head. Ray goes to get the tables and the fans pop. Ray sets up two tables on the floor. He comes back in and Roode unloads, sending Ray back out to the floor. Roode works Ray over now. Ray counters and whips Roode into the ring post. Roode clotheslines Ray after he sets up a table. Ray slides one table into the ring and Roode grabs him again. They come back in and Roode stomps away in the corner. Roode leans a table in the corner. Ray scoops Roode to put him through the table but Roode slides out and hits a dropkick.

Roode keeps control and nails a neckbreaker. Roode stands up a table in front of the corner. More back and forth. Roode with a knee to the gut. Roode tries to suplex Ray through the table but Ray counters with a suplex of his own. Roode with another comeback and a blockbuster. Roode stomps away on Ray. Roode goes for a powerbomb through the table and mocks Ray. Ray blocks the powerbomb and backdrops Roode. Roode blocks a shot and drops Ray over the top rope. Roode charges but Ray catches him. Roode blocks a shot through the table. Ray with a huge chop, and another that knocks Roode down.

Roode slides out of a powerbomb. More back and forth. Ray catches Roode and powerbombs him through the table but the referee got hit by Roode's boot when Ray lifted him. The referee is down. A "ref you suck" chant starts up. Fans chant "one more time" and Bully goes outside of the ring for another table. He brings it back in as the referee is still down but starting to wake up. Ray sets up another table. Roode counters and nails a spinebuster. Roode goes for a Roode Bomb through the table but Ray blocks it. Ray runs into an elbow. Roode comes off the top rope but Ray catches him in mid-air with a cutter. They go back to the floor. Roode ends up on top of the two tables that were set up earlier. Bully goes to the apron and gets the crowd hype. Bully then goes to the second turnbuckle. Before he can jump off, one of the cameramen come from behind and pushes Ray through the table. The camera flashes like there was some kind of glitch. We see that the cameraman was actually Dixie Carter dressed up. Dixie yells at Ray and kicks him, now we really knows it's her by the voice. A "Dixie sucks" chant starts as she takes off her hat, glasses and beard. Dixie shoves the beard in Ray's mouth and tells him to never double-cross her again. Dixie calls Ray a piece of trash. Fans boo as Dixie says that felt good. Dixie's music hits and she walks up the ramp. We see Ray still laid out in the broken table as Roode looks on. Dixie's music is still playing. There's been no match result announced yet. Roode walks past Ray on his way up the ramp. Roode raises his arm and his music finally starts playing.

Winner: Bobby Roode

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