Thanks to reader JP for sending in these notes and the photo above from last night's RAW in St. Louis, MO:

- John Cena got by far the biggest reaction of the night even though it was mostly boos, although there were quite a few cheers as well.

- The crowd was very "amped" for The Shield's entrance and stayed hot for the whole main event match between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.

- The dark match main event was changed from the advertised 10 man tag team match (The Shield, Daniel Bryan & Cena vs. The Wyatt Family, Orton & Batista) to a singles match between Cena & Bray Wyatt.

- The crowd was shocked when Kane came up through the ring to get Brie Bella as everyone was looking all around the arena trying to see where he would come out from.

- The kick or chest chop that RVD received from Bad News Barrett was so loud that it startled me as I was looking down at that moment. It really grabbed everyone's attention.

- I don't know how this came across on TV, but Ric Flair appeared to have difficulty walking to and from the ring. He seemed to be off during his promo, and one of the cameraman gave the "cut throat" signal right as Flair was about to do his "Wooo!" chant.

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