WWE Hall of Famer was recently interviewed by Wrestling365 Radio. During the interview, Bruno discussed his WWE Hall of Fame induction and how it felt for him to bury the hatchet with WWE, the changes in the company in recent years, the passing of The Ultimate Warrior and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

How it felt for him to return to the WWE and receive his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

"It was good, it was very, very good because I appreciated the changes that they (WWE) made. What kept me out for all those years was that I just didn't like some of the things that went on in the WWE, but since then I must say that they made some drastic changes. For example, the drug testing that they do, I'm very happy to see that and it's obvious how effective they have been as I look at it. And also they did away with that nudity, vulgarity and profanity. I'd say that they've curbed that by about 95%, so you know, when they made all those changes, I was willing to change as well and accept going in and I did, and I am happy to have done that and appreciate and respect all of the changes that they made."

The passing of The Ultimate Warrior:

"When I went to New Orleans for the Hall of Fame, I never saw him until he went on stage, because, while I was there, on Thursday night they had the unveiling of my statue and he certainly wasn't there. The next day I did some autograph signings and that night I had to meet all the foreign sponsors from different countries and I spent that night there and again, he wasn't there. The following day (Saturday), I had to do more autograph signings and then when I did go to the WWE Hall of Fame, they took us there that night and I guess he was backstage, because they did some interviews with us and then marched us to our seating, so I only saw him when he came on stage.

"I must tell you that I commented that night when he did come on stage with his two beautiful little girls looking so proud, as he was as well, but when they left and went to the back, I noticed it even more... I felt that he wasn't walking well and I thought that was due to some injuries that caused that. I also noticed that when he came to speak, that he seemed, I don't want to say out of breath, but he was sweating and all that. I didn't think too much of it on the night and thought maybe he was nervous or whatever, but I just didn't feel like there was something wrong with him and I had no idea whatsoever as to what was to follow, that was quite a shock."

The WWE Hall of Famer also gave his opinions on names from the past and present including Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon Jr, Vince McMahon Sr and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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