Views From The Turnbuckle: Extreme Rules Preview

Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam and Cesaro will square off in a triple threat match that was quickly advanced on Raw Monday. There is very little flow to this feud, with Cesaro and Swagger's role as faces and heels being very questionable. The real feud is probably going to be between RVD and Cesaro and Heyman, so expect RVD to steal one from Cesaro, or Cesaro steal one from RVD.

Lastly, Alexander Rusev will take on both Xavier Woods and R-Truth in a handicapped match. Squash matches have been something that have been a part of WWE for forever, yet they seem so outdated now. Squash matches today just don't do anything for anybody. Ryback squashed a bunch of guys, and how did that go for his career? Same can be said for a lot of other guys. Another thing is that Rusev and Lana is basically the same think as Cesaro and Aksana, and since that didn't work out for Cesaro, who is a much better performer than Rusev, it is a real head scratcher.

Extreme Rules is a show that is going to be make or break depending on two matches. If a new member of Evolution debuts or The Shield clean house and Bray Wyatt beats Cena, then we are looking at a show that is going somewhere. If Evolution goes over cleanly and Super-Cena prevails, then WWE might be in trouble.

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