TNA Impact Wrestling Results: EY Retains, Angle Makes A Promise, And The Wolves Fly High With Sanada

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: EY Retains, Angle Makes A Promise, And The Wolves Fly High With Sanada
Video recap of Sacrifice starts the show. We then see Bully Ray using spray paint on something outside.

Eric Young meets with MVP in the back and MVP is praising EY. EY says he's defending his belt tonight. MVP leaves and comes back with Mr. Anderson, Gunner, and Bobby Roode. MVP says they will draw cards to see who wrestles first. It's Mr. Anderson vs Gunner in match 1, then Roode will face the winner and after that, EY will face the winner of match 2.

Magnus is in the ring whining about not being a part of what happened with the card draw and him not being in the mix. Magnus calls out MVP, but it's Abyss who comes through the crowd and starts to beat Magnus down and finishes Magnus off with a huge choke slam.

The crowd chants "We want Janice". Abyss gets Janice and Magnus runs for the back.

Mike Tenay and Taz are at the announce table as always.

Bully Ray's music hits and Bully comes out carrying a table. Shots of Dixie Carter pushing Bully off the turn buckle and into the table at Sacrifice are shown. When Bully gets in the ring, the table he's carrying has the name Dixie spray painted on it.

Bully "promises" that if he sees Dixie in the building tonight, Dixie will be going through the table that has her name spray painted on it.

We go outside and see Dixie pull up in a limo and enter the building.

Rockstar Spud is in the back with Dixie and he tries to hide her. She says Bully is all bark and no bite. She says that she is his boss and doesn't take kindly to being threatened.

First match of the night is up.

First out is Mr. Anderson and after he fumbles the mic, he does his own intro. Pictures of Anderson defeating the Creepy Bastard Samuel Shaw at Sacrifice.

Next out it's Gunner and a picture recap of his match with James Storm is shown.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

The winner of this match has to face Bobby Roode and then the winner of that match will face Eric Young for the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Slow paced match from the start. Neither one does much to gain any advantage. Gunner went to the top rope but has to jump down because James Storm comes out. Storm inadvertently hits Anderson with a kick to the head and Gunner gets the pin.

Storm walks off with a who cares smirk on his face.

Winner of the match by pin fall: Gunner

So later tonight we will have Gunner vs Roode.

EC3 on the mic saying that he has his dream match - against Kurt Angle. Carter brags about having put Angle out of action and says he's glad that Angle is back because he can't be validated until he beats Angle in the ring.

Carter says he needs a sparring partner and it's gonna be Rockstar Spud who comes out in amateur ring gear plus his bow tie. This is an exhibition match.

Taz says they are doing amateur wrestling 101.

Tenay says enough of this nonsense as Kurt Angle's music plays.

Angle lets EC3 knows that the old Kurt Angle played by the rules and the new Kurt Angle is out for blood. He guarantees to hurt Carter. Tells him that he will put the ankle lock on EC3 until his ankle snaps.

Oh it's real..... DAMN REAL!!!!

The Beautiful People talk about their big celebration later tonight.

Knux in a car with his sister talking about the future of The Menagerie which debuts next Thursday. Crazy Steve, The Freak, and The Rebel with Knux will be on Impact next week.

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