Source: Journey Of A Frontman

Journey Of A Frontman has a new interview with singer / songwriter Mark Crozer, who with The Rels performed Bray Wyatt's theme, Broken Out In Love. Here are some highlights:

The story behind Bray Wyatt using his song as his entrance theme:

"Ages ago, between 1999 and 2000, I found out about this idea that you could, as an independent artist, get your music into TV shows. It was the organization called Taxi based in LA. I joined and it was completely new to me. You're always looking for ways to get your music heard by different people. It's very difficult to get record deals, so I gave this a shot. Then I guess around 2005-2007, this was just one of those songs that I wrote at that time. I put that and other songs into this one music library and I guess they had a deal with another library that was servicing the WWE.

"Bray Wyatt was searching for a song for his theme music and he came across my song. I think he spent six hours or so listening to songs, that's what he told me. And when he heard mine, right away, he just thought it was gonna be good for his character. They tried it out and it worked. And that was that. So I didn't actually hear about it right away until a couple of months later when a guy named Steve, who's a wrestling fan, tracked me down online to find out if it was my song. And that was actually when I found out about it."

How it was set up that he would perform Bray's theme at Wrestlemania:

"They asked me to do it. I'd really been following the whole Bray Wyatt development over the last couple years. I knew that there was a good chance that he was gonna do Wrestlemania this year. I'd heard that they'd had bands occasionally to perform. I e-mailed my guy at WWE around Christmas time saying, 'I'd love to do it.' And then they got in touch with me a couple months later to ask me to play."

What it was like meeting Bray Wyatt:

"I'd met him a few weeks before because RAW was in Brooklyn a couple weeks before Wrestlemania, which is where I live, so I got to meet him then. There was a lot of mutual respect, we were both really happy to meet each other. We'd been in touch a little bit by e-mail before that. We'd tried to meet up previously, but it never worked out. It was great, we really just talked about music. He found out around that time that I was gonna be performing at Wrestlemania, so he was very nice to me."

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