- Veteran women's grappler Mickie Knuckles experienced a defining moment in her already noteworthy career when she won the Resistance Pro women's championship at the April 25 "Don't Tread" show in Willowbrook, Illinois. Knuckles bested D'Arcy Dixon in the promotion's first-ever "first blood" match, ending Dixon's 11-month reign as champ. In an exclusive conversation with WrestlingINC.com, Mickie Knuckles discussed the history of her feud with Dixon and spoke about where her career goes from here:

"On April 25, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, a new era began. The "Age of the Moose" came into full swing as I, Mickie "The Moose" Knuckles defeated Resistance Pro Women's Champion, D'Arcy Dixon, and became the NEW Champion. The feud between D'Arcy and me has been ongoing for the better part of the last year, seeing a series of matches and brutal strikes between us two. What started this confrontation? In my own words, D'Arcy Dixon is a spoiled brat and she needed to be taught a lesson."

"In the age of my training, I repeatedly was put 'through the ringer' and received various a** kickings to become a part of the wrestling world. While I am not a size '0,' nor do I have the implants seemingly required by most to be considered a 'professional women's wrestler.' I have earned my scars and take pride in the knowledge that the rough road that I have traveled and lead me to be respected and accepted but such peers as The Necro Butcher, Too Cold Scorpio, and many other various names throughout the wrestling community. However, the one thing that irks me to no end is a spoiled little b**ch whose head was getting a little too big for her narrow frame."

"Don't get me wrong…the first time I met Ms. Dixon, I kind of liked her. Her spunk and attitude reminded me of myself when I was a lot younger and naïve. However, unlike her I had people around me to keep me in check and remind me that even though I was advancing in this career path that I was always going to have to be learning and never stop learning about this sport. I needed to step up and remind her of that."

"But she just couldn't get the message. To this day, I am not sure if she truly understands the wisdom I have given her. So I beat it into her, I twisted her brain around the various contortions that is my own thinking to lead her down a path to where she played right into my hands and stepped into my world. I gave her the gift of exceeding the limitations of her own enclosed perception and at the end of this path, was a first blood match where I become the new champion."

"So now I wear this belt with pride, and respect its past holders…no matter who they are. Did D'Arcy get the message? Who knows? Maybe one day I will have to have a 'pop-quiz' of my own to see if she retained any of the information bestowed upon her. Until then, all hail to the Queen!"

* * *

- Chase Owens retained the NWA World junior heavyweight championship at Heartland Wrestling Association's April 27 show in Middletown Ohio. Owens continued his third reign with the strap — now two months long— defeating Tarek the Great. The champ is set to defend the title again on May 9, taking on Cody Blade at the NWA Smoky Mountain show at Cherokee High School in Rogersville, Tennessee. Blade is a graduate of Cherokee High and the event is a fundraiser for the school.

- In a terse statement via their official Facebook page, Women Superstars Uncensored officials announced late Thursday night that Jessicka Havok was stripped of the WSU world title and banned from competing in WSU for life. No reason was provided by WSU and as of press time, neither WSU nor Havok has offered any further comment on the matter. WSU standout Athena was subsequently booked to take on LuFisto in the WSU event on May 10 and the winner of that bout will be crowned as the new champion.

- On April 26, indy journeyman Barry Wolf defeated Charles West and Raphael King to win the AIWF Mid-South title. Wolf pinned King, grabbing the victory in their trple threat match. Wolf has also announced the start of his 2016 "Vote Lobo" campaign for President of the United States. Sharing what is purportedly a vital plank in his campaign for public office, Wolf told WrestlingINC.com: "The kids won't like it when I tell 'em school will be 6 days a week." Some wrestlers want to be Rick Flair and some want to be Andy Kaufman, but it looks like Wolf will be the Pat Paulsen of independent wrestling. Go get 'em, champ.

    New AIWF Mid-South champ Barry Wolf.

* * *

Mike Bessler is a contributing writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Mickie Knuckles photo courtesy of Resistance Pro Wrestling.

Barry Wolf photo courtesy of Barry Wolf.

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