'WWE Extreme Rules' Results - Daniel Bryan Defends, The Shield Meets Evolution, More

More back and forth. Barrett counters and hits a suplex. Barrett with a crossbody and a 2 count. Barrett with a big boot to the face and more stomps. Barrett ends up booting Big E down on the apron. Barrett puts E on top of the top turnbuckle and beats on his back. Barrett charges but E meets him with a big belly to belly suplex. E runs over Barrett and hits another belly to belly. Fans boo as E spears Barrett and knocks him back out of the ring. Big E goes to suplex Barrett in from the apron but Barrett fights back. Big E runs the ropes and spears Barrett off the apron. They both land hard on the floor.

Big E brings it back in for a 2 count. Big E misses a splash and Barrett nails Winds of Change for a 2 count. Big E misses a shoulder thrust in the corner. Barrett nails Wasteland for another close 2 count. Barrett calls for the Bad News Bullhammer but Big E catches him in a big slam for another 2 count. Big E runs the ropes and nails a splash. He drops the straps and fans boo. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Barrett slides out and shoves him in the corner. Big E ducks the elbow but Barrett comes back and nails it for the win.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

- We get an Adam Rose vignette.

- We get the video package for Evolution and The Shield.

The Shield vs. Evolution

We go to the ring and out first comes Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista. The Shield makes them wait but finally the music hits and out comes United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Both teams face off in the ring. The referee tells them to ring the bell but it doesn't look like it is and they all start brawling. The Shield clears the ring and the crowd pops. Finally we get the bell and it's Rollins going at it with Triple H. Rollins works Triple H over and takes him down with a big knee. Rollins with a splash in the corner. Rollins clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and dives out onto him. They come back in the ring and Triple H hits a big clothesline on Rollins.

Batista comes in and fans boo. Batista works Rollins over and hits him with knees in the corner. Orton tags in as fans start to chant "you can't wrestle" at Batista. Triple H with a cheap shot while the referee is distracted. Orton stomps away on Rollins. Orton catapults Rollins under the bottom rope and tags in Triple H. Triple H keeps control of Rollins and hits the knee to the jaw. Batista comes back in to more boos. Batista with a big kick to the head and a 2 count on Rollins. Orton tags in for more double teaming. Orton drops Rollins over the top rope and slams him for a 2 count. Orton with a headlock now. Rollins breaks it with a big side slam. Batista and Triple H run in to stop a tag from happening. Rollins finally counters and nails Orton with an enziguri.

Ambrose runs in and dropkicks Orton. Ambrose unloads and takes Orton to the corner for lots of stomps. Ambrose knocks Batista off the apron and drops Orton again. Ambrose takes down Triple H and applies a Figure Four on Orton. Reigns comes in and clears the ring. Reigns tosses Batista into the barrier. Reigns goes to spear Triple H on the floor but Triple H moves and he hits the steps. Orton and Ambrose are back in the corner now. Triple H joins in as does Batista for a 3 on 1 beatdown. Batista kicks Ambrose out of the ring. A big "Boo-tista" chant starts up. Batista clotheslines Ambrose for a 2 count. Orton tags back in and nails a big clothesline for another 2 count. Orton with stomps now. Orton with another headlock.

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