This week's show opens with Brie and Bryan looking at bridal magazines. Brie is doing research for their wedding. Brie says they have to decide how to kiss, and Bryan says he thinks he should engulf her face.

After the title card, Summer comes to Eva's hotel room. Eva says that one of her exes got engaged. She feels lonely because she has no one to share her career with. She asks Eva to get her husband to hook her up with someone.

Then, Jon and Trinity are shown in bed. He wants to have sex and she doesn't want to because she forgot to take her birth control pills. Jon already has two kids, and she isn't ready to have another kid with him yet.

Next, Eva and Summer meet Brie, Ariane and Natalya. Natalya compliments Summer on her dress. Summer tells them about her ex getting engaged. She thinks something may be wrong with her because she is single. They suggest that she should try and get with Fandango, and Brie tells her that her and Daniel started dating because of their storyline.

Then, footage from RAW is shown of a mixed tag match pitting Santino and Emma vs. Summer and Fandango. Summer thinks she may give it a shot with Fandango because they have good in-ring chemistry.

Summer approaches Fandango backstage after the match and flirts it up with him. She asks him out for later in the week, and he agrees. Then, Brie and her mom are shown shopping at a wedding dress store. Brie is bummed because Nikki hasn't arrived yet. She finds a dress that she loves, and feels bad because she wanted Nikki to see the dress she picked out.

Nikki arrives at the store. Their mom asks her if she is okay with the entire wedding planning stuff, and she says yes.

Back from commercial and Trinity, Ariane, and Eva are driving. Eva brings up Lana, and she suggests that Natalya is going to be angry because she is blond. They all talk about Trinity forgetting her birth control pills, and she brings up a new implant form of control. They suggest that Trinity talk to Jon about it.

Then, footage is shown from Main Event of the Funkadactlys saving Natalya from Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee. Trinity thinks she can unseat AJ Lee.

The Bellas are then shown at another bridal store in Phoenix. Nikki wants a certain bridesmaid dress, and Brie doesn't like how much cleavage is showing. She wants Nikki to look a little more conservative.

The show heads to Trinity. She is with her mom. They're heading to an OBGYN to get the implant birth control put in. She tells her mom that she didn't tell Jon about the appointment, and she looks concerned.

Back from commercial and Summer and Fandango are on their date. Summer didn't know what a Mason jar was. She tries to ask him questions, and he wonders why she wants to know more about him. Summer says she can't get him and tell if he's making fun of her or if it's part of his charm.

Then, John Cena and Nikki are working out. Brie and Bryan show up to work out. Brie tries to talk to Nikki about the bridesmaids' dresses, and Nikki just wants to work out. Brie tries to keep talking about it, and Nikki says no more talking about the wedding while they're working out. Nikki asks Brie if she thinks guys talk about wedding stuff while they're working out. Cena says he was having a conversation with Bryan about floral arrangements.

Summer and Fandango are driving back to his house from their date. He was impressed that she had a good time. They head back to his apartment and get some tequila. She feels like they are flirting and having a good time. After the drinks they start making out.

Back from commercial and they're still making out. They stop and Summer says it feels weird. They laugh and she says it feels like she was kissing her brother. She doesn't understand why there was no chemistry since they had such a fun night. Summer leaves.

Then, Brie and Bryan are driving. She is angry at the way Nikki has been acting. She wants to tell her not to be her maid of honor. She feels like Nikki is destroying it for her.

Next, Eva and Summer are training at the Performance Center. She doesn't want to tell anyone what happened with her and Fandango. Trinity gets in the ring and tells them about the birth control implant. Eva is surprised Trinity did it without telling Jon about it. Jon gets in the ring, and asks her what the band around her arm is. Trinity tells him what it is as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jon says he doesn't remember her talking about getting the implant. He says that it feels shady to him that she did it without telling her. She thinks Jon needs to understand because it is her body. Jon leaves.

Things head to San Diego. They are at Nikki's house in San Diego. Brie wants her to help with the wedding invitations. Nikki doesn't want to. She feels she doesn't get any time to herself with all the wedding stuff. Brie leaves and tells Nikki to forget about being her maid of honor.

Back from commercial and Brie and her mom pick up their rented car. They talk about the eventual kids that Brie and Bryan are going to have. Their mom asks Brie if everything is good with Nikki. Brie updates her mom, and says she's frustrated because she feels she isn't getting support from Nikki. Her mom says that Nikki may be avoiding it because she feels she is never going to get married. Brie says she will talk to Nikki.

Then, Summer approaches Fandango backstage. He asks about what happened the other night. They talk things out and agree to keep it personal. He jokingly thanks her for breaking his heart.

Trinity approaches Jon. She asks if he is upset about the birth control incident. They argue about it as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jon and Trinity are still talking about it. He says he just wants to be there for her decisions. She apologizes and they make up. Then, footage from RAW is shown of divas tag match. Naomi says she is coming for AJ's title.

Brie approaches Nikki and asks if they can have a private conversation. Brie talks about her feelings and how Nikki has been making her feel. Nikki mentions her feelings. Nikki admits that she is just upset because she may never get a wedding. They apologize to each other and make up as the show ends.

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