WWE Extreme Rules Live In-Person Report

The Steel Cage match was up. John Cena came out to his usual reaction while The Wyatts came out to a great pop. It was eerie seeing the Wyatt's entrance live. All three guys are creepy as heck. The cage seems a little outdated and didn't prevent anyone from "escaping or entering". The match with Bray and Cena was very good and Harper and Rowan were great enforcers in preventing Cena from escaping. The match ran a little long in my opinion and bringing Harper into the cage was a smart idea. The finish was a little underwhelming for me but I understand why they did it. It looks like the feud between Bray and Cena isn't over but I think it's time for Bray to get a clean win.

Paige vs. Tamina was the worst of the night. Maybe worst is a harsh word but no one cared for the match. A ton of people used this time to go get food, use the bathroom, etc. The botched pin count was unsettling. I know they're trying to get Paige over but having no story to the match is what killed it. It makes some sense if they're trying to set up a Paige/AJ feud but who knows how long AJ will be out? Till then, I'm afraid were stuck with squash matches.

Finally it's time for the main event. Daniel Bryan is super over with the NJ crowd. Kane had his fair share of boos. The match seemed to be progressing nicely but then they went backstage and the crowd immediately booed. The backstage segment also ran way too long. It sucked the life out of the crowd. Having Bryan use the fork lift was a nice idea but I wished that segment was a little more extreme. The table and fire spots were great. It was scary when Kane went through the table because the fire didn't extinguish right away as it usually does. Kane's back and arm were very red so the poor guy must've felt a lot of the fire. Bryan gets a solid win but Kane sits up and hints the feud isn't over.

All in all, the show was way more than I expected. Kudos to everyone who performed. I've been to a lot of shows and Extreme Rules immediately goes to one of the best. Big fan of the site. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @apimentel243 .

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