As noted earlier, reader Scott H. attended Shawn Michaels' Q&A in Manchester last week. Here is the last set of highlights from the Q&A:

Shawn is the most down to earth, humble, honest and one of the funniest people I have ever met. I am slightly biased I grant you, as all things HBK are just the best for me, but without a doubt the way in which HBK conducts himself as a human being is top rate.

Shawn doesn't preach his faith, but has a wonderful way of explaining his actions in life and how the journey he has been through has been guided by someone that "obviously wasn't me."

HBK talked about Daniel Bryan, and how Bryan was ready for a WWE job a few years before he got one. Daniel felt that WWE was not right for him yet. He called Daniel an artist who created, but said that after a while the artist needs to get paid, and WWE can do that. HBK asked everyone not to believe what they read on the Internet, and he laughed off reports that he was going to work with Bryan.

The chemistry between HBK and Chris Jericho was so good that Jericho, Shawn and Vince McMahon realized right away that there was something special there. This was in 2003, not their epic 2008 feud.

Shawn talked about the CM Punk situation, and said that while the money and the title reigns are great, if you are not happy, then it is best to walk away.

Shawn talked at length about his return in 2002 and how great it was, but at first he thought it was just one match. Then Vince had the idea of a feel good moment with the 2002 Elimination Chamber and HBK winning, and then 8 years later he was still wrestling.

Shawn told some stories about his days on the road with the Kliq.

When asked about the DX days, HBK said that the early stuff was very racy, but the older stuff was funnier in a dorky way. He said he was paid well to be an idiot.

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