Maria Menounos Talks Wrestling In WWE, Her New Show, Ultimate Warrior, Bob Backlund, More

I recently spoke with journalist, actress and WrestleMania 28 wrestler Maria Menounos. Maria also stars on the reality show "Chasing Maria Menounos" with her boyfriend Kevin Undergaro, which airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on Oxygen. On this Tuesday's episode, Maria gets an invitation to wrestle at WWE SummerSlam, and her family isn't exactly thrilled.

Here is the interview in its entirety:

Wrestling INC: You've been a wrestling fan for a very long time. When did you first start watching wrestling?

Maria: I started watching when I was a kid with my dad. Growing up we were diehard wrestling fans, so it stuck with me my whole life. And then of course I met Kevin, my boyfriend, who you get to see on the show. He's a big wrestling fan. So then we all were kind of just fans together.

Wrestling INC: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Maria: Oh, man. I mean, everyone. Obviously the normal favorites like Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, the Bushwackers and Ravishing Rick Rude. Jake the Snake, who I was just there watching him get inducted this year. The Ultimate Warrior, I loved so many. Bret Hart.

Wrestling INC: You inducted Bob Backlund into the Hall of Fame last year. Now, when you were 17 you produced a movie and he actually starred in that. Is that correct?

Maria: Yeah, he did. That's how I met him.

Wrestling INC: How did that come about?

Maria: Well Kevin was always a big Bob Backlund fan, and he brought him to MTV when he was head writer for this show Singled Out. So he brought him there and they became friends. When he made his movie, he wrote a part in there for Bob. So that's how it all went down, and I met him. Of course, I was obsessed with him and thought he was amazing. He's a really really interesting and special guy.

Wrestling INC: And what was it like to induct him last year into the Hall of Fame?

Maria: It was really amazing. We've been friends for so many years now, like I said, since I was a teenager. And we helped him when he was running for congress. He came to my pageants back in the day when I was competing. We've been in each other's lives for so long, and when he asked me I was so honored and flattered. It was really emotional. It was a really really big night.

Wrestling INC: You were also at the Hall of Fame this year and The Ultimate Warrior was inducted. What were some of your memories of the Warrior and did you get to meet him at the Hall of Fame?

Maria: I didn't get to talk to him because by the time I finished the red carpet I was back in my seat watching the show. I was sitting behind his family actually, directly behind his family. And I was just watching them cry and be so emotional and just watching this very special night for him. Who would have known? It was an awful tragedy. I remember the night I found out I was, I think it was a Tuesday night, we had just watched our show with some friends, we were having some wine and I got a Tweet that I saw from Triple H that he had passed and I was in absolute shock. Unfortunately it was true.

Wrestling INC: You've wrestled several times in WWE, in 2009 when you guest hosted RAW, you wrestled later that night. Did you have any training at all before you wrestled that first match on RAW?

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