In the mid-1990s, World Championship Wrestling had such an abundance of talent, showcasing pro wrestlers from all corners of the globe. Many would say that it was an unhealthy overage of roster members, as a number of them did not get past WCW Worldwide or WCW Saturday Night. At least they had some kind of television exposure, albeit either losing to a bigger name, or winning meaningless matches against opponents worse off them they are.

One person who was able to slip through the cracks was "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright. In 1994, Wright was given an opportunity to showcase his high flying skills in WCW. His dance, coupled with his charismatic charm, won the crowd over shortly after his debut.

At Starrcade 1994, Wright was put on the biggest stage of the year for WCW to exhibit his wrestling skills. Interestingly, this was also the pay-per-view debut for one Jean-Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H. In an even bigger surprise (in hindsight), Levesque lost to the upstarting German, in what was the beginning of a promising career for Wright. Unfortunately for Wright, the "Das Wunderkind" character did not last long, but he did manage to win both the Television and Cruiserweight championships when he turned heel a few years after his debut.

For the most part, this was the peak of Wright's career. Sure, he cut his hair off and debuted as Berlyn, the German antagonist, but that did not go very far. Then, a similar version of his old character, even becoming a tag team champion. However, his WCW career is still oftentimes mocked and, in fact, his overall tenure created so much dissatisfaction that he stopped wrestling in the US altogether since 2001.

So, with all the data on the table, what grade would you give the WCW career of Alex Wright? Sound off below.

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