Impact opened with Bully Ray on his way to the Nashville office to confront Dixie Carter. Bobby Roode comes to the ring and wants to accept Eric Young's open challenge for the World Heavyweight Title tonight. EY reminds Roode that he pinned him last week. Roode says if EY will accept the challenge he will never ask him for this again. EY accepts.

MVP is in the back with EY and lets him know that he can't book his own matches. He tells EY that he needs to take a little time off and enjoy the TNA championship. MVP says he will make some phone calls and that EY's opponent at Slammiversary will be someone he's never faced. EY says that Roode will be upset and MVP says he will take care of Roode.

First match of the night is:

The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Brittany in an Evening Gown Match

The match is an elimination match with both opponents having to be stripped of their evening gown to get a winning team. The Beautiful People are in black evening gowns and Brittany and Madison are in white.

With each Knockout being in evening gowns, all of them are wrestling barefoot. No worries of pins or submissions, and Brittany is the first one down to her bra and panties and she is eliminated.

Madison is now taking on both Angelina and Velvet. Madison hits Velvet with a spears and rips off her gown and Velvet Sky is eliminated.

While Madison celebrates Angelina attacks her from behind. Angelina uses Velvet's discarded gown to choke Madison to gain an advantage, but Madison ends up with the gown and starts choking Angelina.

Velvet comes back to the ring and distracts both the referee and Madison allowing Angelina to use hair spray in Madison's eyes. Madison's gown is ripped off and:

The winner of the match is: The Beautiful People

Video promo of the the upcoming Kurt Angle vs EC3 match is shown. And that match is up next.

First out is Ethan Carter III followed by the Olympic Champion.

Kurt Angle vs EC3

Mike Tenay reminds us that EC3 has never been defeated since he joined TNA last October.

Angle's focus is locked in on Dixie's nephew. Angle said last week that he was going to break EC3's ankle this week, and the crowd chant's "break his ankle".

Angle hits his signature triple German suplex but seems to tweak his bad knee and Carter immediately goes to work on Angle's left knee. Angle can't put any weight on the knee, and EC3 clips him in the knee for a quick 1-2-3.

Winner of the match by pinfall is EC3

Angle continues to lay in the ring unable to get up as we go to break. When we return, they show how Angle got hurt and show him being helped to the back. Angle says he blew it out and heard it pop.

Out comes MVP to the ring to let us know who will be facing Eric Young for the main event at Slammiversary.

MVP tells us how stressful his job is as Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP hopes that the fans aren't too upset that he gave EY the night off, but he says he will make it up to the fans.

Before MVP can make the announcement Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes to the ring to confront the Director of Wrestling Operations.

Roode wants to know what is going on. MVP tells Roode that he doesn't give hand outs. Roode calls MVP a son of a b---h and the two start a scrum. As they are separated, the fans are chanting "let them fight".

Bully shows up at TNA headquarters and is confronted by Rockstar Spud. After counting to 3 Bully picks Spud up and and heads to Dixie's office. Bully "takes over" Dixie's office and tells the secretary to get all of the staff together for a big meeting.

We see Knux and Rebel in the back and a mystery box that appears to have someone in it.

Roode is in the back arguing with Al Snow and security is escorting Roode from the building.

Next up is the rematch between:

The Bro Mans vs The Wolves in a Ladder Match

The Bro Mans start out strong attacking the champions with a ladder before the bell ever rings. The Bro Mans take advantage and both head up a ladder before The Wolves even hit ring.

The Wolves stop The Bro Mans but, the challengers stay in control, using ladders as weapons.

When The Wolves finally are able to get a ladder in place and climb, The Bro Mans bring their own ladder and all four men end up on the flat on their backs on the mat.

Both teams are showing a very physical game plan with no one gaining a real advantage. When The Wolves start up the two ladders, DJ Z comes out and interferes. The Wolves throw him off the top of the ladders over the ropes into both members of The Bro Mans, and The Wolves grab both belts to retain their titles.

Winner of the Ladder Match: The Wolves

A very good match with both The Wolves and The Bro Mans turning in top rate performances.

The Menagerie is out with Rebel first, then Crazy Steve, followed by The Freak, and then it's Knux. The carnival has come to life. Tenay says this is the way to make a debut and Taz says a complete Freak Show.

Kazarian vs Knux

Kazarian can't get anything going with all of The Menagerie around the ring and Knux gets the pin.

Winner of the match: Knux representing The Menagerie

We see Rockstar Spud talking to the TNA staff who are all wearing Bully Fears Dixie shirts. Bully comes up and sends Spud off for beer and then asks the staff what the new motto is. Sounding like robots, they say Bully fears Dixie over and over. Bully laughs and says we've got a lot of work to do but knows just what they need.

As a result of the events last week between James Storm and Mr. Anderson, they will face each other next week.

Back at TNA HQ, Bully Ray has a wild party going on with the staff who are now wearing Hardcore 5150 shirts. Bully says he will leave if Spud tells him where Dixie is. Spud says he doesn't know. So Bully says have one beer with me and I will leave. When Spud starts to drink Bully puts him through a table, grabs Spud's phone and says, "That's where she lives".

He then asks the staff what the new motto is and they chant "Tables, Tables, Tables".

Willow does a promo and we head to our next break.

Magnus is out first with his friend Bram. Next out it's Willow. Bram now has a full contract with TNA.

Magnus vs Willow

Magnus starts strong, but Willow quickly turns things around. That doesn't last long as Bram interferes and Bram tells Magnus that's how it's done as Magnus looks surprised and is disqualified. Bram cuffs Willow to the ropes and gets a steel turn buckle and nails Willow with it twice.

Magnus walks off in apparent discuss as Bram gloats on the apron.

Winner of the match by disqualification: Willow

MVP tells EY that he will name his Slammiversary next.

In the back, medical staff tells Kurt Angle that he has a torn ACL and will need surgery.

MVP is back in the ring to tell EY who his opponent is for Slammiversary. MVP calls EY to the ring. MVP proceeds to brag on EY's accomplishments and said the he even inspires MVP.

With that said MVP says EY deserves the best competition available and then punches EY in the face and nails him with the microphone. MVP continues to beat EY with a chain and then says he will see EY at Slammiversary.

To recap:

The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany in a Evening Gown Match.

EC3 won over Kurt Angle as Angle tore his ACL.

The Wolves beat The Bro Mans in an awesome Ladder Match.

Knux beat Kazarian in the debut of The Menagarie.

Willow won by DQ over Magnus when Bram interfered and then beat down Willow.

And in the final scene, MVP attacked Eric Young and announced that it will be MVP vs EY in the main event at Slammiversary.

Ed Boston closing out another night of TNA Impact wrestling.

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