Source: The Province

The Province has an interview with Jim Ross, who was promoting his one man show at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, ON tonight at 9:00pm. Here are a couple of highlights:

Who was more 'over' at their peak: Junkyard Dog in Mid-South or 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in WWE:

"It's hard if you're quantifying raw numbers to say anyone was more popular at their zenith than 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. No one sold more merchandise or tickets or pay-per-views than Steve. The thing with JYD was, he was the first African-American No. 1 babyface in a major territory For black fans especially, he was such a groundbreaking force. There was a unique emotional relationship that Dog had with his audience. He gave a whole race their guy."

His favorite Owen Hart rib:

"I was having a long day in my make-shift office at an arena when I was in charge of the talent roster at WWE. I had an extended conversation with someone that was having substance-abuse issues; that was our suspicion. Owen saw that my door had been closed for several hours. (As I headed to the arena to commentate for the TV broadcast), I catch him coming down the hall, stumbling, bouncing off the walls. I get up close to him, he's got this white substance under his nose like he's been doing cocaine. Obviously, Owen was not a drug user at all. Long story short, he'd gone to the desert table at catering and got a powdered doughnut, trying to cheer me up and say, 'You had a rough day. A lot of us are appreciative of what you're trying to do to help guys.'"

RINGSIDE: An Evening With Jim Ross takes place tonight at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, ON at 9:00pm. You can purchase tickets for the show at this link.

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