WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Sheamus Vs. Ambrose, Cena And Usos Vs. Wyatt Family, More

Smackdown this week opens with a recap of Dean Ambrose losing the US title, and the Wyatts vs. the Shield from RAW.

Then, Sheamus comes down to the ring.

US Championship Match
Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose tries to trip Sheamus up. He takes Sheamus to the mat and locks in his legs. Sheamus gets free and lands a headlock takedown. He hits Ambrose with a shoulder tackle and a clothesline. Sheamus goes to work on Ambrose's arm. Ambrose gets free and they trade strikes. They spill outside of the ring, still striking each other. Sheamus slams Ambrose's head into the announce table. Ambrose hits a snap suplex on the floor. Sheamus comes back by slamming Ambrose to the floor.

Back from commercial and Ambrose lands a crossbody. He rakes his forearm across Ambrose's face and tosses him into the corner. Sheamus goes outside, and Ambrose takes him out with a dive. He sends Sheamus inside. Ambrose locks in the figure four. Sheamus gets to the ropes. He hits Ambrose with a backbreaker. Sheamus locks in the cloverleaf. Ambrose gets to the ropes. Sheamus lands his 10 chest clubs over the ropes.

Sheamus kicks Ambrose to the ropes. Ambrose explodes off the ropes with a clothesline. They exchange strikes and kicks. Sheamus Brogue kicks Ambrose out of the ring. Ambrose gets back inside at the nine count. Sheamus hits another Brogue kick for the win.

Winner and still champion: Sheamus

Back from commercial and Wade Barrett makes his entrance.

Wade Barrett and Cesaro vs. Big E and RVD

Barrett and RVD start off. Barrett clubs RVD in the back. RVD kicks Barrett in the face. RVD swipes at Cesaro. He leaps outside and chases Cesaro. Barrett clotheslines RVD and rolls him inside. He locks in RVD's head from behind. RVD gets free, but Barrett pulls him to the mat by his hair. RVD lands a dropkick. Cesaro and E tag in. E hits a pair of clotheslines and a belly to belly. E lands his running splash. E slams Cesaro to the mat. Barrett breaks up the pin attempt, and RVD attacks him. Barrett pulls RVD outside. Off the distraction, Cesaro is able to hit the neutralizer on E for the win.

Winners: Cesaro and Barrett

Back from commercial and Lana makes her entrance.

Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi kicks Rusev in the body. Rusev shoves him to the mat. Kingston goes outside and snaps Rusev's head on the top rope. He tries to get back inside, and Rusev kicks him. Rusev kicks Kofi some more. He shoves Kofi. Kofi comes back with a dropkick. He leaps on Rusev in the corner and hits punches to the head. Kofi lands a crossbody. Rusev slams Kofi to the mat. He locks in the accolade. Kofi taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Then, the Wyatt Family cuts a promo.

Back from commercial and Fandango and Santino are in the ring.

Fandango and Layla vs. Santino Marella and Emma

They lock up. Fandango has a side headlock locked in. Santino lands several arm drags. He locks in Fandango's head. Fandango rams his shoulder into Santino's stomach. He goes up top and leaps off for a knee. Santino moves and tags in Emma. Emma hits Layla with a Thesz press. She locks Layla in the tarantula. Emma lands her corner running crossbody. Emma pulls out her pink cobra. Santino charges at Fandango, and he pulls the ropes down. Santino flies outside. Layla rolls up Emma off the distraction for the win.

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