Ring Of Honor/ New Japan Pro Wrestling 'Global Wars' Results And Your Feedback

Ring Of Honor/ New Japan Pro Wrestling 'Global Wars' Results And Your Feedback
Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Global Wars viewing party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's event, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Michael Bennett and ACH come down to the ring and are going to open the show.

Michael Bennett vs ACH

The bell rings and they lock up and Bennett muscles him into the corner. ACH hits a kick to the knee and backs Bennett off. They sqaure up again and ACH kicks him again and then backs off. They go at it again and Bennett hits a stiff right hand but then eats a dropkick to the knee for a two count. ACH continues to work on the knee and gets another two count.

ACH attacks again with the knee and hits a boot to the face. Bennett is tossed to the outside and ACH springs out of the way but eats a spinebuster onto the outside. Bennett crawls up and tosses ACH back into the ring. Bennett gets a two count and then hits a knee to the back. Bennett drops an elbow to the back and then gets a two count. ACH gets to the corner, but Bennett hard irish whips him across the ring and into the other buckle. Bennett picks him up and goes for a uranage, but ACH fights out of it with kicks and hits the ropes, but Bennett catches him with a big urange slam for a two count.

Bennett taunts ACH and goes for a twist of fate, but ACH counters with some more kicks to the knee and then hits a dragon screw. ACH ties Bennett in the corner and hits an enzughiri and hits a double stomp onto the knee for a two. Maria distracts ACH and Bennett hits a superkick on ACH on the apron. Bennett tries to spear ACH, but he moves out of the way and spears Maria off of the apron! ACH is back in the ring and he hits a step-up no hands senton on the outside. ACH rolls him back into the ring and climbs the top rope. ACH goes for the 450 but lands on his feet as Bennett rolled out of the way. Bennett nails a spear on the two for a two count.

ACH counters a hammerlock and gets a roll up for a two count. He kicks Bennett again and climbs the ropes. Bennett knocks him off and hits the Dominator on ACH to get the three cout.

Winner: Michael Bennett

Bennett talks smack to Hiroshi Tanahashi, his opponent next Sunday at War of the Worlds and says he will go to any lengths to win, and carries Maria out of the arena on his shoulder.

We get a recap of Michael Elgin defeating Kevin Steen to become the number one contender for the IWGP world title.

Takaai Wantanabe hits the ring and Michael Elgin follows him out to the ring

Michael Elgin vs Takaai Wantanabe

They shake hands to start and Elgin gets a big ovation from his hometown Toronto crowd. Elgin locks him up into the ropes and gives a clean break. They exchange shoulder blocks and neither moves. Elgin knocks him down but is sent into the turnbuckle and Wantanabe hits a big scoop slam. Elgin hits a elbow smash and then a powerslam on Wantanabe for a two count. Elgin calls for a stall suplex and hits it after a 30 second delay. Elgin goes for the cover but hits a two count.

Elgin hits a knee lift and boots Wantanabe in the face. Elgin hits a knee to the back and hits a second one and then locks on the rear chin lock. Wantanabe fights up and gains seperation via a jawbreaker. He charges at Elgin, who catches him with a hige uranage slam. Elgin goes up but misses a huge twisting senton. Wantanabe hits the rope and hits a running neckbreaker. Wantanabe goes for a backdrop driver, but Elgin fights out with an enzughi and then a leaping double stabber. Wantanabe fights up and hits a Saito suplex for a two count.

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