WWE Total Divas Recap: Ariane Releases Her Single, Eva Marie And Summer Rae Fight, More

WWE Total Divas Recap: Ariane Releases Her Single, Eva Marie And Summer Rae Fight, More
The show opens with Nikki talking to Brie on the phone. Someone comes to the door to deliver a package. She opens it up and it's a present from Natalya. It's a painting of John and Nikki kissing.

Then, Ariane and Vinnie are driving. Ariane starts singing her single "Bye Bye." She wants to get more people to her single release party. She convinces him to sing her song. Things then head to San Diego. Nikki and Brie are talking. Natalya is stopping by for a visit. Brie tells Nikki to put the painting up, and Nikki agrees just while Natalya is visiting.

Natalya shows up and Nikki gives her a tour of the place. They show Natalya the painting and lie to her about how good it looks.

Things head back over to Ariane and Vinnie. They're looking for paparazzi to take pictures of them to generate buzz for her single. They find some and get their pics taken. She is excited that what she wanted to happen happened.

The show heads to an episode of Smackdown in Ontario. Naomi is facing Tamina Snuka. During the match, Cameron attacks AJ Lee. Then, Mark pulls Summer Rae and Eva Marie aside to talk to them backstage. He wants to put them together as a tag team. Mark tells them to think about team ideas for a few weeks and get back with him. Summer and Eva talk about training together in the ring after the meeting.

Eva then approaches Brie backstage and tells her what Mark talked to them about. Brie tells Eva to look out for Summer because Summer just wants to get ahead.

Back from commercial and Summer shows up at a gym to work out with Eva. Summer is going to teach Eva some stuff since she has been in developmental for so much longer than she has.

Next, Ariane and Vinnie are eating lunch. Ariane can't find any of the paparazzi pictures online of her that were taken. She finds an article about Kim Kardashian and says that's why she didn't get noticed. She needs to find a way to get noticed.

The show heads to Natalya's house and she is painting. She is doing a picture of Daniel Bryan and Brie for their wedding. TJ walks up and gives her a bit of crap for it. It's obvious he doesn't like the painting.

Ariane meets one of her friends as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ariane is hanging out with her friend Ray J because she knows paparazzi people will want to take lots of pictures of them. She goes with him to the gym and they work out. People take pictures of them the whole time. Then, they go into an MMA portion of the gym and learn some moves. People still take pictures of them.

Then, Eva and Summer are shown working out still. Eva puts Summer in a submission. Summer says it's obvious that Eva hasn't practiced, and it annoys her. Summer says she feels like it's a waste of her time. They start arguing, and Eva says she hasn't practiced because of her busy schedule.

Natalya and TJ are then shown arriving at an airport. They get Natalya's painting for Bryan and Brie. She wants to deliver it in person.

The show heads to Colorado. Eva is about to have a match later in the evening. Sandra thinks that Eva should change her outfit and that it's too small.

Natalya and TJ are then shown again. Their rental car is too small to fit the painting, so she decides to tie the painting to the top of the car with pantyhose and athletic wrap. They start driving, and the painting flies off the car as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Natalya and TJ pull over. They save the painting and tie it back to the roof of the car. Then, they arrive at the arena and unload the painting. Natalya gives Brie and Bryan the painting. Brie hates it, but says she thinks it's cute. Brie and Bryan thank Natalya. Natalya and TJ leave, and Bryan says his nose looks like a testicle. He appreciates the sentiment, but doesn't want to hang it up.

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