Source: PWInsider

WWE has announced that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan successfully underwent neck surgery today in Pittsburgh, PA with Dr. James Maroon. Bryan is now wearing a soft neck brace and is already out of bed. He is expected to be released from the hospital in 1-2 days.

WWE noted that a lingering nerve issue with Bryan's neck caused them to have to perform a cervical foraminotomy in order to decompress the root of the nerve. During that procedure, surgeons go in through the back of the neck and shave the inside edges of joints in the neck and spine that are causing compression in order to prevent the eventual collapse of a spinal disc.

WWE adds that there is no timetable for Bryan's return yet. Usual recovery from this procedure for heavy physical activity is 2-3 months.

We noted before that WWE sources were expecting Bryan to return around SummerSlam. WWE will address the state of the title on RAW this coming Monday from London.

You can check out a photo of Bryan after the procedure below:

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