WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Cena Vs. A Wyatt, Natalya Vs. Nikki, Sheamus Vs. Titus, More

Winner: Sheamus

Then, things head to the Exotic Express. Byron Saxton asks the partying people if he can get an interview. A lady calls Adam Rose out of the bus, and he comes out. Bryon asks what Rose's problem with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger is, and he says he has no problem. He says that they are boring though, and they're lemons. A guy dressed as a lemon exits the bus and starts dancing around. Rose asks Saxton if he's a lemon or a rosebud, and he chooses to be a rosebud. Saxton gets on the Exotic Express.

Back from commercial and Damien Sandow is in the ring.

Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella

Sandow clubs Santino in the back. He drops a knee on Santino's face. Sandow charges Santino in the corner, and Santino moves. Santino pulls out his cobra and hits it for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

Sandow takes up the mic after the match, and starts ranting. His mic cuts out.

Then, footage is shown from the recent Komen walk.

Back from commercial and R Truth is waiting in the ring.

R Truth vs. Cesaro

Cesaro kicks Truth and headbutts him. He goes for a hip toss, but truth counters into a pin attempt. He strikes Cesaro in the corner and goes for another pin. Truth goes for a scissors kick, but Cesaro counters into an uppercut. He hits Truth with the neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Back from commercial and the RAW Rebound is shown. It focuses on the events between Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon from RAW. Then, surgery pics of Daniel Bryan are shown.

John Cena makes his entrance next. The Wyatt Family comes out and surrounds the ring. They get up on the apron, and the Usos run down and get in the ring. The Wyatts drop down to the floor as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bray sends Rowan into the ring.

John Cena vs. Erick Rowan

Rowan kicks Cena and clubs him in the back. He locks Cena in a side headlock. Rowan strikes Cena in the head. Cena battles back with head strikes of his own. Rowan lands an elbow to the head. He body slams Cena and strikes him in the lower back. Rowan tosses Cena outside. He follows and hits Cena in the face. Rowan whips Cena into the steel steps. He sends Cena back inside and goes for the pin. Rowan pushes the sides of Cena's head in with his fists.

Cena gets free and dropkicks Rowan. Rowan comes back with a big boot. He hits Cena in the face several times. Rowan lands a backbreaker. Cena rolls out of the ring. Rowan pulls him up to the apron, and Cena snaps his head across the rope. Cena charges Rowan, and Rowan hits a clothesline. Cena battles back with punches. Rowan hits a shoulder tackle. Rowan locks in Cena's waist. He slams Cena to the mat. Cena comes back with the five knuckle shuffle. He picks Rowan up for the AA, but Rowan counters into a fall away slam.

Rowan hits a body avalanche. He boots Cena in the side. He tries again, and Cena counters into the STF. Harper gets in the ring to interfere, and The Usos attack him. They send Harper outside and hit him with a dive. Rowan slams Cena to the mat off the distraction. Cena comes back with the AA for the win.

Winner: John Cena

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