Ken Shamrock was a guest on Submission Radio and spoke about a WWE return, Owen Hart, Triple H, Vince vs Dana White. You can check out the full interview above, below are some highlights:

Who rewards their talent better and pays better between Vince McMahon and Dana White:

"I don't know what other people say, but for me it's definitely Vince (McMahon). I felt like he did me right, even though he may, I don't know what the issues are with me and him now cause no one will talk to me or say anything, but for me personally I thought he treated me very fairly, he paid me well and I thought he gave me a great opportunity to be able to keep competing in the WWF. Of course I had to do my job, I had to do what they needed me to do, otherwise he wouldn't give me the time of day. I understand that, I understood that. But when I did do what I was supposed to do he payed me what I deserved."

Thoughts on the WWE and a possible return:

"It would be nice to be able to come back there and get a run at the title, one that I don't think I really got an opportunity to really get an honest run at it. So yeah, I've always made that statement It'd be nice to back and give it one more shot, but again like I said, that's not in my corner and I don't make those calls so it's up to somebody else to do that. So all I can do is just voice my opinion and say 'yeah it'd be great to do it' but somebody else has to make that decision."

The possibility of being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in the future:

"I have heard anything, that's the whole thing. It's like I tried to reach out and try to contact some different people, but basically there's not a sign or feedback so you know, I have no idea absolutely none whatsoever what the issues and the problems are. I didn't know there was any until nobody would talk to me"

Thoughts on people like Drew Cary and Donald Trump being in the WWE HOF and him not yet being inducted yet:

"There's probably a hundred more submission holds in the WWE because of me training to bring in those submissions so people could look at them a legitimize them for pro wrestling. You look at it before I was there and after I was there, it's different matches."

The future of the WWE and Triple H:

"I think we've seen it now and I'm not saying anything mean or hurtful or anything, if people want me opinion I'm gonna give it to them and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'm just gonna tell 'em the truth, but If it keeps going the way it's going, I don't see the WWE being a powerhouse anymore. I see it falling, I see it crumbling down and the only thing people are going to be interested in is the history footage because I see it now. It's struggling now. Even though you're starting to see little things here and there, but it's just, to be able to consistently do what Vince McMahon did I'm just not sure we're ever gonna see that again."

Owen Hart passing away in the ring:

"We were standing backstage and I was in the gorilla station and I watched it happen. And for the longest time we stood there and just stared at the monitor waiting for some gimmick to pop up, or the match to start, or for him to pop up and then when he was wheeled back in the gurney, still we were waiting for him to get up. I mean, we just didn't believe that it was real you know, because you know all the gimmicks and stuff that go on there and you're never told what's happening and they'll play all the way out till the next week. And so for the longest time, I think the fans were the same way, was that no one truly believed or understood what was happening at that moment and how real it was and for us, I mean even thought there was a meeting about whether we would go on and do the show, (whether) we were going to keep doing it, out of his honour we were going to do it, at the back of everybody's mind we were all thinking we were getting worked, like this was a work, someone was working us. And so no one really grasped that until probably after a few weeks afterwards where it set in, in the funeral and in the news and it really set in that it was real. But can could you imagine that, not really knowing something like that?"

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