Thanks to one of our readers for sending this report for TNA's live event last night at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi:

Overall, the show was fun, but it was a very small. Lots of empty seats throughout the center, even in the 2nd row.

The show started with a 3 way for the X Division championship featuring El Tigre, DJ Z and Sanada. Sanada won by pinfall after several minutes of entertaining triple threat action. All 3 guys were a class act.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne. Both ladies were really over with the crowd and put on a great show. Velvet ended up losing after being planted with a big kiss by birthday boy Earl Hebner. After the match, she threw a fit, trying to wipe Hebner's kiss off her lips.

Gunner vs. Lashley. Before the match, Gunner lead the house in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by asking military vets past and present to please stand and be recognized. He got the crowd to chant "USA, USA, USA" throughout the match - even though Lashley is also American. Either way it was a good match. The fans had a lot of fun and really enjoyed these guys, especially Gunner. I missed who won the match.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm was a good match. Bully Ray got the crowd on his side and convinced referee Earl Hebner to make it a tables match. Of course, Storm ended up going through a table.

The Wolves vs. EC3 & Rockstar Spud was really entertaining. EC3 and Spud had some funny antics and worked well with the Wolves. The Wolves won by pin fall. Spud was a real character tonight.

TNA World Champion Eric Young vs. Magnus was ok with Young going over. Young nor Magnus really did not seem to be that "over" with the fans.

As previously noted, it was Earl Hebner's birthday. The crowd sang him happy birthday. Earlier in the evening it was also announced that he had recently made a career achievement of refereeing over 100,000 matches.

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