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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on Ross wrote about last night's RAW from London:

The Wyatt Family:

"Even though I am a big time believer in the Wyatt's as growing stars within WWE, if they are cast as villains then I am still confused as to their creative presentation. I just need some help understanding why it's wrong for the fans to cheer them and I'd also like to know from what the Wyatt's are saving us.

"When the audience is encouraged to sing along to a supposed villain's singing of a spiritual hymn and the antagonist also uses Mick Foley's 'cheap pop' line of mentioning the city from which the show is emanating, those matters are not helping the talent become a 'hated' performer. Perhaps that's the idea....perhaps the end game will be that Bray Wyatt isn't a villian but Harper and Rowan might be. I have a crazy storyline idea on the new Ross Report Podcast that drops today (Tuesday) at 6 pm Pacific time at featuring @Goldberg. Check it out.

"At the end of the night not one fan favorite came to John Cena's aid as he was being beat like a Government Mule by three men. The humanity of it all. One would assume that at least one 'good guy' would wonder out to the stage in an attempt to 'do right' if not to only get beaten by the three, bearded, disenfranchised Duck Dynasty gone bad Swamp People. (I watch too much TV.)

"Don't sleep on Luke Harper as he can 'go.' There's money in both Harper and Rowan but Harper is the sharper of the two at the present time due to his edge in experience."

Paige losing:

"I wasn't shocked whatsoever that Paige lost on TV in her home country and neither should anyone else who's been alive for more than a few hours. Obviously, just as I did, WWE liked what they saw last week with Alicia Fox and wanted Alicia to get an impactful win and beating Norwich, England's own Paige was the solution that was used. If you think about it long enough, it's not bad casting. Hey, we've all seen worse."

Stephanie McMahon:

"Another outstanding performance by Stephanie McMahon masterfully playing a very evil authority person."

Goldberg on his podcast:

"My visit with Bill Goldberg on the new, Ross Report drops today (Tuesday) at 6 pm Pacific time and can be downloaded for free at podcastone.lcom or iTunes. Bill and I cover a plethora of topics on this new podcast including his desire to return to the ring under the right circumstances of which I can see happening. Check it out. @Goldberg is also getting into the podcast business with @PodcastOne as well. He's going to do great."

His boxing commentary debut:

"This Monday don't forget that I will make my pro boxing broadcast debut on Fox Sports 1 on their prime time fights promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Be sure to check us out live or DVR the Memorial Day evening special that airs at 9 eastern and 8 central on @FoxSports1 in conjunction with @GoldenBoyBoxing. I've got lots of home work to get done but I'm blessed to have many friends who are in the boxing business who are giving me a helping hand."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including more on last night's RAW. You can check out the full entry by clicking here. Also, don't forget to order some of JR's BBQ Sauce, which is great for the kitchen and the grill, at by clicking here.

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