Mick Foley posted a new Facebook post last night asking if it was a good idea to have WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H and Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon playing heels with the same duties on television. Foley noted that WWE is a great company, and said that he recently bought WWE stock. He then noted that some of the recent disappointing business numbers could be attributed to a few factors, and wondered if one of reasons was because of "the blurred line between the real life McMahon-Levesques and the characters of Triple H - WWE Universe and Stephanie McMahon - WWE they portray?"

"I'm not sure that everyone 'gets' that Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon are definitely seasoned and intelligent business people who simultaneously portray horrible bosses as on-air authority figures," Foley wrote. "The lines are awfully blurry - and while most fans seem to understand that the real life Stephanie is that legitimately kind, caring soul we see on 'Raw' as the face of the "Be a Star" campaign, and other positive endeavors that the company is involved in - she can be awfully convincing when she has that mic in her hand, and is dressing down, maligning...and occasionally slapping the dogpoop out of WWE talent. Personally, I think Steph has been simply sensational as a character this year - but I'm not sure everyone 'gets' that she's essentially a really nice person, doing a really good job of being really, really bad."

Foley noted that Vince McMahon looked at him like he was insane when he posed a similar concern to him in 2007 after Vince was blown away in a limousine.

"Look, I don't have all the answers, and there are probably far more factors at play than I am capable of uderstanding. But maybe, just maybe, having investors watch the Chief Operating Officer of a billion dollar company (past tense) kick the dogpoop out of a hand-cuffed employee (or Independent contractor) is not best for business as far as Wall Street is concerned."

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