- Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has a new blog up at Pyro And Ballyhoo looking at last night's episode of RAW. In the blog, Russo predicted that Bray Wyatt will be an "all-time TOP FIVE baby face AND heel in the history of the WWE."

- Speaking of Russo, I conducted an interview with him yesterday. I had originally planned on taking 30 minutes of his time, but we ended up going about two hours. We will be posting the interview in two weeks, with the first part going up the day after WWE Payback.

- Yahoo Sports' The Post Game has an article here about Vince McMahon no longer being a billionaire and losing $350 million in just a day. The article made the home page of Yahoo! yesterday.

- Variety has an article here about yesterday's WWE conference call to analysts regarding the new disappointing NBCU deal.

- Wrestling Inc. reader BIGTUNA212 sent the following: You can check out the slides for yesterday's WWE conference call at this link (in .PDF format). The definition of OIBDA for your readers is basically gross profit. Not looking to good Raj, hope they rebound. Operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) is a measure of the income generated or used by a company in a given period exclusive of the company's capital spending decisions and its tax structure.

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