Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We noted before that WWE had an offer on the table for Ric Flair to return to TV in a more prominent role. Flair was scheduled to go to Pittsburgh this week to see Dr. Joseph Maroon for a full cardiovascular physical before WWE brings him back to TV as a regular character. Flair has been working out and wants to get to 225 pounds before returning to TV. He's currently at 230.

There's a feeling that Flair has to come in as a babyface but he always prefers to work as a heel so there's on word yet on what role he will play. One idea suggested was to put Flair with The Miz to continue the storyline they began several months ago when Miz began using the Figure Four after Flair's blessing. The hope is that Flair will help elevate Miz as a top babyface. There are some who believe this could be wasting Flair and that Miz is damaged goods.

Flair reportedly wants to manage Dolph Ziggler but it's clear WWE hasn't been pushing Ziggler for more than a year now. They also discussed having Flair manage The Shield to continue the angle from RAW a few weeks back but Evolution's future is up in the air.

With the most recent deal that Flair signed with WWE, they still have to approve all of his appearances. A problem could be brewing as there are reportedly negotiations, which could easily fall through, for an overseas wrestling tour that would see flair actually wrestling in the ring.

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