- Thanks to Tommy Cheng for the following WWE live event results from May 21st in Belfast:

This is my first time going to a WWE Live event since 2006 so I was hoping for the best. The show starts off with Tony Chimel in the ring announcing the first match participants.

Dolph Ziggler came out to a huge ovation. Then Cesaro... (the crowd was shockingly bad) (cheered for all the faces)

The best match of the night. They had a good exchange, clean uppercuts were used against Ziggler and a nice pop-up European uppercut was performed. A sweet super kick was used by Ziggler but the match ended with Ziggler taking a "King of Swing" and then the Neutraliser. Amazing match.

Result: Cesaro defeats Dolph Ziggler

Next came Alisha Fox and Aksana vs. The Bella Twins.

About 5 - 7 minutes. Some mediocre spots, such as the knee to the face of Fox by Brie Bella but overall a tedious match that lasted longer than it should have. The Bella Twins won with a sit out facebuster.

Result: Bella Twins defeat Alisha Fox and Aksana

The next match was Luke Harper and Eric Rowan vs The Usos for the Tag Team Championship. A lot of quick exchanges... Highlights of the match were, the two suicide dives out to Harper and Rowan and the title head shot to one of the Usos while the ref was distracted getting rid of a chair that was brought in. Harper and Rowan got the win only for Belfast's own Finlay to arrive and tell the ref to revert the decision and restart the match. The Usos picked up the win with a splash to Harper and retained the Tag Titles.

Result: The Usos defeat Luke Harper and Eric Rowan

We get a quick 15 minute intermission.

When we come back, we see Xavier Woods and R-Truth vs 3MB (Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre) (Jinder Mahal was at ringside)... Throughout the match R-Truth kept screaming his signature "What's up?!" for cheap pops... He must have done it 10+ times which got annoying. The match was okay, some botches but what do you expect? Not the crispest workers. The finish was R-Truth hitting the Complete shot (Jumping STO) to Heath Slater.

Result : Xavier Woods and R-Truth defeat 3MB (Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre)

The second last match was for the U.S Championship. It was between the U.S Champion Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Huge pop for Sheamus despite being from Ireland... (we are in Northern Ireland)... Nice match, finish was a Brogue Kick to the face of ADR.

Result: Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio

The main event consisted of John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

Bray initially left the ring because he didn't want to wrestle as the majority of the fans were cheering for Cena. Cena said he would cheer for Wyatt but he mockingly went "go on Wyatt!"... Told the ref to start the match and the ref counted.... He was counting close to 10 and Bray turned around from walking half way up the ramp and started to face Cena breaking the 10 count. Bray had most of the match but Cena was persistent. Hit an AA to Bray but he kicked out... Soon after Bray hit the Sister Abigail but Cena kicked out. Bray pushed cena into the ref and he was knocked unconscious. (At this point there were some Husky Harris chants which ticked me off). Cena put Bray in the STF... Bray tapped out but there was no ref to call it. Harper and Rowan came in and attacked Cena... Rowan held Cena while Bray grabbed a chair. He tried to hit Cena but surely, Cena ducked away and Rowan was hit... Cena cleared Harper out of the way and hit a second AA to Bray for the finish..

Result: John Cena defeats Bray Wyatt

Overall, this show was quite similar to the other live events in the past week. I'm disappointed that Shield weren't here as they may break up before I see the next WWE show. Wish Wyatt had beaten Cena even if it was by a distraction. I loved the first match.

Hopefully their next showing at 7th November of this year is better. Looks like I'll be going even if I was pretty disappointed with this show.

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