On Facebook yesterday, Mick Foley linked to part 2 of his Global Force Wrestling video blog and wrote the following:

"The first part got some great feedback, and I think this one will too. As long as we live in a world where Dolph Ziggler can't get a push, there need to be options for aspiring wrestlers."

Foley later wrote a follow-up on Twitter:

"The purpose of my post. I'm not to suggest that @HeelZiggler join @GFWWrestling - just using him as an example of how subjective @WWE decisions can be. I do agree that #DolphZiggler is a terrible ring name. A couple years ago, I sent a very detailed e-mail to the powers that be with a suggestion of how he could get out of the name, and simultaneously garner some mainstream media attention...but never heard back from those in charge"

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