I recently spoke with Diamond Dallas Page, where we discussed WrestleMania 30, Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, DDP YOGA and where it's going, Nancy Grace, The Undertaker's streak ending, The Ultimate Warrior's passing and much more. You can check out the full interview below.

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Wrestling INC: How is everything going?

DDP: Everything is amazing. [DDP YOGA] has become such a social media presence. I don't do a s--tload of interviews. Our YouTube page has so many followers, so anytime we put out a YouTube video, if it's not a fully involved one it still gets 5,000, 6,000 [or] 7,000 hits. Something strong gets over 60,000 or 1000,000 [hits], so the presence is there. At the end of every interview, I always say 'don't listen to a word I say. Just go to Facebook or Twitter and read what people write.'

This woman just interviewed me and she was someone who gets first approached with it and then she started to look into it and so many people are talking positive about DDP YOGA. If you go to Facebook or Twitter, you can't believe what people write. Now, she looked for something negative and couldn't find it. I'm really surprised because wrestling fans can be pretty cruel at times and not the cool ones— the ones that cause trouble.

It's amazing because everything with the disabled veterans, Jake [Roberts], Scott [Hall], and all my s--t is real. It's so unlike the wrestling business and I understand why people at the beginning wondered could this be a work. All you have to do is look at Jake and Scott from day one until the [WWE] Hall of Fame, which never would have happened in the past, so you know that s--t works. Look at the disabled veteran hobbling with his crutches and running at the end.

Wrestling INC: Before Jake and Scott started DDP YOGA, there seemed to be a negative story about them at least every month.

DDP: I'll be with those guys forever— as long as I'm alive and they're moving forward. I expect them to both fall down from time-to-time because it happened during the chase to the Hall of Fame. They've always pulled themselves up, which is something they've never done before. People can't believe I changed Jake Roberts, but I go back the f--k up. That's not what happened here and anybody who is an addict knows they're going to fall and my biggest addiction, along with everyone else in this world, is sugar. Try to stop eating sugar. I challenge anyone and everyone to try and not eat sugar for two days. You can't do it. You have the same addiction as those guys, just different.

A lot of people are label conscious now, so you got to remember that the number one thing I did with Scott and Jake was change the way they ate. You're not going to change it without the knowledge of why because our country has f--ked us on the foods. We are not a country anymore; we are a corporation that fronts as an organization. The corporations run everything. Every label in the kitchen will have what's in it and suggested daily intake. There is no percent with sugar because nine times out of ten, the daily intake of one thing could be 400 percent.

This is what changed Jake and Scott initially around. They went back to the foods they used to eat, but not as much. Scott said I ruined him by showing him how f--ked up his food is, so he wouldn't eat until he knows it's the wrong s--t. The whole thing is being aware. There's certain s--t, I won't eat anymore because I know it's going to attack my body. The food will keep you depressed because you eat it, feel like s--t, and wonder why you ate it. The food was the beginning and then the workout. Through all this came the mindset, which is about turning your life around. Now, Jake had that scare with cancer and he's cool now, but he's more aware because he wants to live and before he wanted to die. People give up hope and with DDP YOGA, I give them hope. Hope is a huge, four letter word. If you buy the DDP YOGA program and put the work in, people would never believe how easy they can reach me. If you put the work in, I call you up. Who the f--k does that!?

Wrestling INC: It's amazing what DDP YOGA has done. I wanted to ask you about the YouTube clip where Jake Roberts told you he wasn't in the Royal Rumble, but then dropped the news he was getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. How shortly after that did you find out about Scott Hall's induction? Was it the same time?

DDP: Once I found out about Jake, Triple H queued me in that they were both going in. I couldn't tell anybody and I didn't even tell Scott I knew. Scott told me, but I already knew. I wanted it to be his moment and not mine. It was crazy for both of them to be getting inducted on my birthday.

Wrestling INC: How much of the birthday bash [in New Orleans the night before the WWE Hall of Fame] did you know was happening?

DDP: I thought how they promoted it was wrong for themselves. I didn't even know I was involved until the end. I like people to be aware of what I'm doing. I don't need people to tell me what I'm doing. I don't need those accolades. It's actually one of the few things I feel uncomfortable about. I know what I've done in my life and I know what crazy ups and downs I've gone through. Even when I won the world title, as good as it was, there something missing for me. I didn't want all that attention. Attention is not that big of a deal. Those guys wanted to say thank you. The fact that the Big Show, Ric Flair, and my boy RVD showed up was awesome. Me and RVD became good buds after wrestling. We talk all the time now. He's a very positive cat. We're just both well minded. I love that he says what he feels all the time too.

Wrestling INC: You had mentioned Jake Robert's almost being cancer free after one more surgery. Has he scheduled that last surgery or is he still waiting on that?

DDP: I'm not really sure, but he hasn't had it yet. It'll come up in the next week or so. The surgery they did is called Mohr. They cut a circle out of you about an inch and a half in diameter and it goes down to an inch deep. It's like some Skeletor s--t, so it's painful. It was on Jake's leg and he had trouble doing the DDP YOGA workouts. We had to really cut s--t back for him.

Wrestling INC: Is your documentary "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts" done? Is there more to add?

DDP: We've been adding at a fevers pitch. I just hired two more guys to piece together all our footage. Our goal isn't just to make a documentary. Our lofty goal coming in was to be Oscar nominated. We don't expect to win, but that's a goal. We want it done by August and are hoping to bring it to Sundance and Tribeca. Our goal is to have the documentary premiere at WrestleMania. I've talked to the WWE about this and they want to see it when it's done. They don't know if they want to get involved, but I don't need them to get involved. I would love to have them involved. It's a positive story about our business and it goes on to talk about a man and his addictions. It's a journey of two buddies who came along differently, but helped each other throughout it. Of course, Scott will be in it. You'll see Scott coming from being in a damn wheelchair.

Wrestling INC: How is Scott doing? Jake mentioned Scott might be going through a tougher time recently.

DDP: I think the [Ultimate] Warrior passing affected a lot of people. I know Scott and Jake had great discussions with him. Both of them were supposed to work with Warrior at sometime and didn't. Scott was supposed to tag with Flair at Survivor Series and that was around the time Warrior ended up leaving. Jake was doing all those vignettes and that didn't work out either. Jake held onto that anger until they talked. Scott will never put himself out there as the poster boy for being cured. He's thinking he could fall today. He only lives a mile from me, which was his design, and sometimes he'll just come by. I am a foundation of positive energy because the other way sucks. You need to figure out how to pull yourself up again.
Wrestling INC: You were a big part of this year's WWE Hall of Fame, even though you weren't being inducted. You helped two stars of that class and your presence was over the whole Hall of Fame ceremony and the Ultimate Warrior even mentioned it during his speech. Did you expect that at all?

DDP: No. I saw Warrior the year before at a WrestleCon and I'm sure you heard the story about when I came into the WWE as the limousine driver at WrestleMania XI, where I met a bunch of the guys like Hulk Hogan, who came up to me. He had seen me in the AWA and would watch everybody. I really wanted to meet the Warrior, but I never got the chance. We came into WCW, Warrior requested me and [Bill] Goldberg come see him. So we met him and he was 'you guys have been having so much fun out there, you make me want to get back in the business.' That was f--king cool. Warrior made such a huge impact on the business, but I think it's crazy that he and Sting became two of the biggest names ever. They were tag team partners and nobody has ever done that. To be on the [Halloween Havoc] card with the Hogan-Warrior rematch, 10 years later and me going for the world title with Goldberg, was surreal.

I wanted to tell the Warrior and got the chance at the area he was signing autographs at WrestleCon. He gave me a big hug and called what I've done with Jake and Scott God's work. I didn't even get a chance to talk with him at the Hall of Fame because everyone was talking to him and I figured I'd find my spot. When Warrior brought up DDP YOGA in his speech, like in a Saturday Night Live bit, I was sitting next to my girlfriend Brenda and [ex-wife] Kimberly [Page] too. We just looked at each other and asked, 'did he just say DDP YOGA?' We started laughing and he said it again and again. I needed to find Warrior to thank him, but I never could. I was looking everywhere for him and figured I have his number, so I'd just call him. Then it was too late and that's something that will stick with me. It was very cool for him to have said that.

Wrestling INC: I know you hate talking about Nancy Grace, but was your appearance booked before or after the Ultimate Warrior had passed away?

DDP: The way it was approached to me was 'who's the man [behind The Ultimate Warrior]' and I had those stories to tell. I'm not putting that b---h over. She feeds off of s--t like this. I can tell you I won't be on her show again.

Wrestling INC: Does a part of you ever want to go back and tell Nancy Grace off or are you fine never seeing her again?

DDP: I've done that and I had to restrict it because the stuff I've done is too stiff. My lawyer said 'you can't say s--t like that.' I just breathe and move on. I can't even put the b---h over.

Wrestling INC: Back to WrestleMania XXX, did you get a chance to watch the entire event?

DDP: I was on the floor, where I wanted to be. I'm a big supporter of Daniel Bryan, and have been talking about him before his s--t took off huge. I remember [Wrestling INC] wrote that I compared him to Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. This was almost two years ago and the way he lost to the big great white [Sheamus], f--k eat him in seconds, looked like the worst thing that could ever happen to him. It turned out for the best. It made the people more pissed.

Wrestling INC: It was almost a turning point and that felt like the moment when people started getting behind Bryan and it's got him to the place he is now. I don't think it was programmed that way, but it ended working in favor of Bryan. While we're on the topic of WrestleMania XXX, what was your reaction to seeing the Undertaker's streak end?

DDP: Undertaker's a smart guy and knew he was getting to the end of his career. Undertaker's not the guy that can phone it in— especially at WrestleMania. If you look at every one of his matches at WrestleMania, they're stellar. He gives everything and it's way harder on his body at 6'8''. I think he wanted to retire two or three years ago. But when he shot the UFC angle, after Brock lost the heavyweight title [at UFC 121], had Brock won that match they would have gone on to do WrestleMania [that year]. I'm certain. If Brock had been the UFC champion, there was no way he was putting Undertaker over. I think Undertaker designed it for a tough guy to win. Brock has to be one of the baddest son b---h out there. Who can do both and having Paul Heyman is awesome for him. Brock can talk, but having Paul puts more heat on him no matter what. Brock cut a promo after a UFC win asking, 'how do you like me now?' That's one of the best lines in UFC history. Brock Lesnar is the biggest draw in UFC history. He has the personality and is a real tough guy.

Wrestling INC: As a fan, did you want the Undertaker to retire with the undefeated streak or have someone break it?

DDP: In our business we do pass on, hence the Montreal Screwjob. It's part of the business. Undertaker doesn't need to be champion. There are only a handful of wrestlers undefeated at WrestleMania, I being one of them at 1-0.

Wrestling INC: Being involved with WrestleMania XXX and all the actives, did you get the bug to return? I know you've said you didn't want to be back. Did being there change anything?

DDP: No, I'll show up at an indie show and give someone the Diamond Cutter to get the people popping. I can't get hurt. I know what it takes and I never phoned one match in. I was bumping all over the place in my 40s— when I got over. When I was 46, I wrestled Christian [at WrestleMania 18] in a damn good match. I put it against any match under 10 minutes.

Wrestling INC: I was wondering what's next for DDP YOGA?

DDP: I'm in the process of negotiating for a building I was hoping to have opened by our third anniversary in December. But I was worried more about where we were headed online. We're hoping to introduce our app. Our goal is to make the app the Netflix of fitness. DDP YOGA for senior citizens 65 and up is another new workout. My daughter Britney will be teaching a workout. There will be lots online that people won't be able to get anywhere else. We're going to show how to track food consumption. Some cooking shows are planned. Live pieces will be shot, maybe from the WWE Performance Center. The building we're building will house are edit booths. We're editing three movies at the time. This was designed to inspire people. It's about health, fitness, and food. People want to eat healthier and don't know how because of all the bulls--t that the government has allowed the corporations to do. Monster corporations back Democrats and Republicans, so they lose nothing. They own every senator, congressmen, governor, and president. At least in wrestling, we tell you it's a work.

Wrestling INC: Would you put some of the footage you spoke about on the WWE Network or would you rather keep it towards your app?

DDP: I'm always interested in doing something with the WWE. I have an awesome relationship with them. Whether it's me taking DDP YOGA down to the Performance Center at NXT, inducting Jake into the Hall of Fame, or hosting The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro I will always have an affiliation there. It's great and I wish I could restart my career because I think I'd kick a—. It would have been a hell of a run. If something came up, I would entertain the idea. Some of the guys already do my program.

Wrestling INC: It's great to hear your continued success, so do you have anything else you'd like to mention or plug?
DDP: Not really. I'm really active on Twitter right now @RealDDP and @DDPYoga. If you're writing positive stuff, it's already likely I'm retweeting you. If it's negative stuff, it's likely I'm spamming you. I only had to do that twice, which is pretty cool. I told this guy the other day, no negative s--t on my page. There's too much negativity in the world. I don't allow it in my lifestyle or from the people who are around me— I don't use that s--t. We all have the power.

Sometimes, I myself, want to hold on to that negativity just for a couple of more moments—for whatever that reasoning is—because you want to let it go. People need to focus on what's real to them. Everything to a certain extent is relevant. The last time Scott Hall said to me 'you're always so f--king positive. How do you do it?' I tell him I work at it on a daily basis. It is challenging at times, but I guarantee to always come out on top because I'm going to end on a positive side.

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