DDP Talks Being At WrestleMania, Taker's Streak Ending, DDP YOGA, Warrior, Bryan, Jake & Scott

I recently spoke with Diamond Dallas Page, where we discussed WrestleMania 30, Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, DDP YOGA and where it's going, Nancy Grace, The Undertaker's streak ending, The Ultimate Warrior's passing and much more. You can check out the full interview below.

You can follow DDP on Twitter at @RealDDP and @DDPYoga. Also, you can learn more about DDP YOGA by visiting DDPYOGA.com.

Wrestling INC: How is everything going?

DDP: Everything is amazing. [DDP YOGA] has become such a social media presence. I don't do a s--tload of interviews. Our YouTube page has so many followers, so anytime we put out a YouTube video, if it's not a fully involved one it still gets 5,000, 6,000 [or] 7,000 hits. Something strong gets over 60,000 or 1000,000 [hits], so the presence is there. At the end of every interview, I always say 'don't listen to a word I say. Just go to Facebook or Twitter and read what people write.'

This woman just interviewed me and she was someone who gets first approached with it and then she started to look into it and so many people are talking positive about DDP YOGA. If you go to Facebook or Twitter, you can't believe what people write. Now, she looked for something negative and couldn't find it. I'm really surprised because wrestling fans can be pretty cruel at times and not the cool onesó the ones that cause trouble.

It's amazing because everything with the disabled veterans, Jake [Roberts], Scott [Hall], and all my s--t is real. It's so unlike the wrestling business and I understand why people at the beginning wondered could this be a work. All you have to do is look at Jake and Scott from day one until the [WWE] Hall of Fame, which never would have happened in the past, so you know that s--t works. Look at the disabled veteran hobbling with his crutches and running at the end.

Wrestling INC: Before Jake and Scott started DDP YOGA, there seemed to be a negative story about them at least every month.

DDP: I'll be with those guys foreveró as long as I'm alive and they're moving forward. I expect them to both fall down from time-to-time because it happened during the chase to the Hall of Fame. They've always pulled themselves up, which is something they've never done before. People can't believe I changed Jake Roberts, but I go back the f--k up. That's not what happened here and anybody who is an addict knows they're going to fall and my biggest addiction, along with everyone else in this world, is sugar. Try to stop eating sugar. I challenge anyone and everyone to try and not eat sugar for two days. You can't do it. You have the same addiction as those guys, just different.

A lot of people are label conscious now, so you got to remember that the number one thing I did with Scott and Jake was change the way they ate. You're not going to change it without the knowledge of why because our country has f--ked us on the foods. We are not a country anymore; we are a corporation that fronts as an organization. The corporations run everything. Every label in the kitchen will have what's in it and suggested daily intake. There is no percent with sugar because nine times out of ten, the daily intake of one thing could be 400 percent.

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