Mason Ryan Talks His WWE Release, Working With CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, If He Would Sign With TNA

Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show recently interviewed Mason Ryan, who talked about how his WWE release came about, becoming FCW champion in WWE's old FCW developmental territory, being in New Nexus, working alongside CM Punk, Husky Harris and his evolution into Bryan Wyatt and more. You can watch the full interview above, here are some highlights:

Shortly after all that you got signed to WWE's then developmental territory FCW where in just a handful of months you became the FCW champion after beating Alex Riley and Johnny Curtis, aka Fandango, in a triple threat match. Thoughts on winning a major championship in a wrestling promotion for the very 1st time?

It was all quite a whirlwind to be honest with you. I was wrestling in the U.K, got signed and just flew over here. I'm just a small town boy from a very small town in Wells, grew up there most of my life... seen most of the world. Coming over here was a big experience for me, it was a complete change of life and everything. I just remember fondly those times in FCW when I first came over here that everything was just so new and exciting for me. Got to work with some great people with Dr. Tom, Norman Smiley, Steve Kern down there. A lot of great guys came from there and it happened so quickly. It really was a whirlwind. I remember the night clearly, we were in a three way... it was Alex Riley and the now Fandango. I can't remember the match too much, I just remember afterwards holding the the Florida heavyweight championship and looking at itI was in awe of it because of the history and everything that went with that it as it meant a lot to me. It was an awesome experience.

On the January 17th, 2011 edition of WWE Raw you made your debut by interfering in a match between John Cena and CM Punk, who at this time was the leader of the New Nexus stable. After the beating Cena received from you all, Punk presented you with a Nexus arm sleeve to signify you were part of the stable. Can you go in-depth about that debut, the overall experience you had cause talk about a debut as you did it with two of the best guys in the company at that point?

To start off with that night was amazing. I only found out that day what was happening. I heard rumors and suggestions that I was going to join beforehand. When I was told that day I'd be doing what I was doing I was very excited as it just blew me away. To be interfering in CM Punk and John Cena's match on Monday Night Raw was massive. It was actually in January and I was in my first year with the company. That wasn't my first year with the company as I got here in January (the previous year before his Raw debut) and then the following year I made my debut. That was a phenomenal experience. I remember waiting beforehand cause I came in through the crowd just waiting and looking around, seeing the crowd cause the match was going on. Knowing I was going to be a part of this in a few seconds at that time was just fantastic. I was just kind of looking around thinking how great it was. It was an unbelievable experience, standing on that apron and having the eyes of the world on me and be a part of what those guys were doing and to go on to be in Nexus was awesome.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any vignettes being done hyping up your arrival to the main roster. Looking back do you think it could've played an even more greater impact on your debut in that segment with Cena & Punk or do you think with the way things panned out at the end to do the vignettes would have been overkill?

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